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    Been camping in our 1994 Dutchmen 1002 XS since we bought it new.

    Been camping in our 1994 Dutchmen 1002 XS since we bought it new.
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    98 Dutchman

    Welcome, we have a 1994 Dutchmen we've owned since new. Lots of ideas and stories about it on our site if you care to look. Enjoy!
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    Winch Access 1994 Dutchmen

    Re: Winch Access 1994 Dutchmen -SOLVED! An experienced person on Facebook group Pop Up Campers has the answer. There is an access panel inside the rear storage hatch, which is on the door side. I went and looked since the pup was still sitting in the driveway. Sure enough, it's the panel I can...
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    Winch Access 1994 Dutchmen

    What you see is the only access to the winch w/o tearing walls apart. Goshen states the cables need to be replaced with the roof down, so not sure how I'd get to the back wall to open it up anyway. My guess is the lift system was installed before they built the interior. On the bottom there is a...
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    Winch Access 1994 Dutchmen

    The winch sits behind the back inner wall, no storage bench above it. With the roof down couldn't do that anyway. Basically the winch sits between the back inner wall and back outer wall.
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    HELP - Greasing the Goshen lift system

    My top zerk is close too, but with the flexible grease gun can get to it OK.
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    Winch Access 1994 Dutchmen

    Hi everyone, The cable finally gave it up this weekend after 22+ years. All set up and start to crank the roof and POP! Replacement looks easy thanks to a few nice people here with pictures and good descriptions. My issue is HOW to access the winch. Ours is kind of built into a box between the...
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    1990 Jayco popup camper difficult to crank open, easy to close

    Hi beefcake. This sounds like a good plan if the pulleys are bad.
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    1994 coleman destiny rio grande roof rebuild

    Looking real nice! Never heard that complaint about Grizzly Grip running so bad, but never used it personally so really can't comment. I do see on your pictures where it ran on the vertical surfaces, but it still looks waterproof which was the main reason for this project. From a distance no...
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    1994 coleman destiny rio grande roof rebuild

    Looks darn near new! Seam sealer is available in any store that sells tents. That should work for the Sunbrella seams.
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    ? About lift arms

    Hey CG- Yea, it will move lots. It's only a few tubes holding up a heavy roof, and canvas for walls.
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    How I Fixed Coleman ABS Sagging Roof

    Welcome. At this time not sure where you could find braces for the roof. A few RV shops may stock them, but finding one will take many calls and emails I bet. If you have a metal fabricating shop around they could probably make something up for you. There are plenty of people on here who have...
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    Greetings! I'm New And Already In Trouble

    Not sure which lift system you have, but maybe this link will help-
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    1994 coleman destiny rio grande roof rebuild

    Nice, waiting on the finished pics now!
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    stabilizers and raising the roof.

    When we bought our pup we were told to level, drop stabilizers, raise (or lower) roof. I really think the level part is most important.