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    Thoughts on attaching stove to outside of camper?

    That's the only way I use the stove. It's never been inside except for storage.
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    2015 Vermont Fall Foliage Rally Sept. 25 - 27

    Fantastic news! I will talk to DW tonight and see if we can still make it, just have to find a babysitter...
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    RockyRoo's Great Western Adventure!

    Very nice. Keep in mind there is 0 shade. Also, make sure your truck does not leave the pavement or designated pull off spots. Somebody in our group pulled off the road to take a picture of some buffalo (he was about 18 inches off the pavement) and he got a $400 ticket from a park ranger. I...
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    RockyRoo's Great Western Adventure!

    Hopefully Badlands NP is in your future? We were out there years ago on our motorcycle (Sturgis) and it still to this day is one of the most fascinating things I've seen.
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    Towing with a subaru 2009 forester

    Amazon sells them, they are standard 14x14 vent covers. Just make sure you get the proper hinge type. You should easily be able to visually match yours based on that picture you've attached. This appears to match...
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    Whos camping this weekend? Fathers day weekend

    Trip #2 of the year with my 3.5 YO DS. Also brining my 18 YO newphew. The 18 month old DS will stay at home with mama, so the "big boys" can have the weekend to themselves! We will be @ Taconic SP tomorrow afternoon by 2:30 and will either leave Sunday after dnner or Monday around luch depending...
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    Pump faucet question

    The tank should be vented via the fill inlet on the o/s the pup. To test your theory, simply remove that cap and see what happens. Perhaps the PO just put a sealed cap on the filler neck not realizing it needed a vent. I've seen some with the vent built into the cap, and others with a seperate...
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    Pop-Up Got Stolen

    Locks keep honest people honest. If sombody wants it, they'll get it.
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    Is my popup camper salvageable? Broken cable, broken corner support bar.

    The reno looks great! I've never re-done a pulley system, but as far as investment vs value goes, I think it's definitley worth it. You've clearly already invested ALOT of time into the reno, and from what i understand from browsing lift system threads, i dont think the parts needed to fix the...
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    pop up state inspections

    We must inspect ours in NY. Unfortunately, the only place within a reasonable distance to me requires appointments to inspect trailers, which they only do in the morning, M-F. I am not taking 1/2 a vacation day so i can get a sticker saying my lights and tires are good. I know they are, and i'll...
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    Canvas replacement - maybe?

    I wouldnt attempt to install it at the campsite. God forbid its the wrong size, somthing rips, or somthing else goes wrong..Murphy's Law. Once you pull the old one off you've passed the point of no return. Dont risk ruining a good vacation.. Patch it up good enough for the season and do it over...
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    Yogi Bear (Lazy River CG) - Gardiner, NY

    Awesome! Enjoy and let us know how it is. We have the week of August 9th-15th booked there, premium rv riverfront
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    I *think* we're leaving to go camping in the morning...

    Ticket for expired inspection: $50 Loss of camping trip: $????
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    Hello from Upstate NY!

    Welcome to the portal from downstate! (Hudson valley)
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    Re-mounting and sealing roof latches

    Great feedback, thanks all! Actually the roll I have us butyl tape, I said eternabond because I thought it was the more common name for it. I'll post some pics when it's completed on Saturday or Sunday.