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    Are pop ups a dying breed?

    Where we camp the most, a nearby state park with only primitive campsites, there are always a bunch of us in pups. We love to compare notes. Last year we found someone with the exact same model as ours and had a lot of fun talking upgrades, because they had taken theirs in a different direction.
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    Upcomming Meal Plans? All ideas welcome

    Nice! Daughter gave us a camp stove top oven for Christmas 2021. I have yet to try it out. Brownies at the campsite sounds very appealing.
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    Hi from MN

    Hey neighbor. New Albin, IA, here. If you want to try a weekend in a beautiful spot with no hookups, try the Yellow River State Forest here in Allamakee County.
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    May 2022 - what did you do for your camper?

    We decided to revamp Camp Back Yard this year! Reoriented the ShelterLogic cover on an angle, taking out two garden plots to do so, and adding new plantings. Just a beginning really. We want to put in limestone walkways and a fire circle in front of the camper and really enjoy this. I'm in the...
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    May 2022 - what did you do for your camper?

    I think that's the purple side. Strong. Independent. Be happy!
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    Upcomming Meal Plans? All ideas welcome

    Get the kids involved in the meal planning. Do it on paper, map out all the meals, and have them help you fill in what they would like to eat, working through ways to prepare that at camp. And if someone puts hotdogs down for one meal, fine, leave it, but then next time somebody says hotdogs...
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    Water Heater - Why Keep It?

    Our favorite place to camp is a primitive campground in the Iowa state parks system with an outhouse and a well but no showers, no toilets, no sinks, no nuttin. I love taking a nice hot shower behind my pup in the pine trees. Glorious.
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    Convincing significant other of Pop UP

    @Breckler, tl:dr but if you live anywhere us you and your wife can come do Camp Back Yard in ours for a night or two and see what she thinks. Northeast Iowa.
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    May 2022 - what did you do for your camper?

    @BikeNFish , how do you know she's a witch?
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    Campground Rules? Or really just suggestions to be ignored?

    We ignore the beverage rules but that's it. As for hammocks, using the thin straps you get with your average consumer hammock will girdle the healthiest of trees, and also for the sake if the trees we obey the firewood rules as the Emerald Ash Borer has jumped the Mississippi River now a d we...
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    Wisconsin Dells Campsites?

    The Mindoro Cut is terrifying.
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    Wisconsin Dells Campsites?

    It's a case of pick your poison. I personally HATE Mount Rushmore with a passion, but I know, everyone else just LOVES it. I'd go to the Black Hills but avoid Mount Rushmore if I had the choice.
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    March 2022 - What did you do for your camper?

    We also have the 12x20 Shelter Logic, bought at Home Depot, and really like it. We left the tarp on it the first winter and it caught so much snow we decided that was a bad idea, and in subsequent years we have taken the tarp off, tarped the camper itself, and left the frame up. It doesn't catch...
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    How do you cook liver?

    I also cooked venison liver once as I was butchering. Never again, at least not for people. We got sick. Still cook it up for dog treats, though.
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    Do you drink the water from your PUP tank?

    tl:dr - both. We drive dry, fill the tank at the campground (or before you head out to boondocking land) AND carry a 5-gallon jug and fill that too. Not fun to run out of water.