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    Hot water for dish washing?

    Yes, its two years old, but I'm still here. Since this post, we just started heating a pot of water on the stove or campfire. Easy peasy. Andy
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    camping near trains

    Mounds State Park in Anderson Indiana. We stayed there a couple of nights in 2019, and several trains came through during the night. The tracks are just outside the park, but still plenty loud. Andy
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    Camco travel toilet, "does anyone have one"?

    We have considered one of those Camco toilets, but we have gotten along very well with the luggable loo and the Double Doody bags. It works great for the three of us. The downside is that finding replacement bags has been tough lately. Everyone seems to be out of stock.
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    Mid Sized SUVs With 6 Cylinders

    Its a V6, EX, I think. Plenty of power for our needs.
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    Mid Sized SUVs With 6 Cylinders

    We have a 2017 Kia Sorento also. It pulls our old Starcraft effortlessly.
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    How hot?

    Thats a pretty normal temperature. As mentioned, keep the area clear.
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    1998 Starcraft Spacemaster water tank drain

    On my 1992 starcraft, the water tank is under the bench seat. The drain for that is on the side of the tank near the bottom, just above the floor. Turn the lever, and it drains straight down through the floor.
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    How late do you stay up?

    I work very long days and have few days off. Due to this, I tend to be in bed by 9 or 10 at the latest, even when camping. When I was younger, I stayed up much later.
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    Kohler-Andrae State Park

    We stayed at Kohler-Andrae last weekend. Heavily wooded sites with good spacing. Park is just south of Sheboygan along Lake Michigan, with beautiful beaches and sand dunes. Expect to hear the dull roar of the waves throughout much of the campground on a windy day, which is not unpleasant at all...
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    When did you switch to a pup

    My birth family did not camp, but I began camping in the early 70s as a cub scout in a little pup tent and a sleeping bag. Didn't camp again until college, when I bought another small tent, and went to a friends private campground with nothing but my tent, a cooler, a small grill, and my Coleman...
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    the one thing i hate about my popup

    That is a great idea!!
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    the one thing i hate about my popup

    I love our popup, except for two things- the propane refrigerator works poorly (despite being perfectly level and maintained), and the pup exterior door likes to open by itself during the night, due to frame flexing.
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    Which Acme nut do I need?

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    Which Acme nut do I need?

    The new nut worked perfectly! Thank you all!