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    Need help with amp hours

    Thanks for that great video. Reinforced a lot of information I already had. The time spent on your tests most of us would not be able to replicate at all. So you have done a great service to all of us.
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    Top stuck in up position, lift motor pulled under the trailer!

    Sneezer is right. With the winch attach plate badly buckled like that. You just cannot get access to the manual bolt to get the thing down. I have tooling myself that would do it, but it needs a right angle gearbox for the drill and the socket. But that may not even work? I think if I was...
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    How do you turn on the heater??? 2009 Viking Epic 1706

    2009 will not have pilot lit furnace. It will be electronic! You will have lit the water heater and I hope you have filled it with water correctly as it may be permanently damaged if you have not. The furnace will run when you have power to the trailer and if not shore power, then a good...
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    Jayco Eagle Lift replacement - Eyebolts Question

    Normal lift height is when the door just fits in. This should be pretty close to where the canvas is taught etc. Oh not a good look there. Certainly means a lot more work. But others have done it and gone to use their camper for some time. I guess it comes down to if you are going to keep it...
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    Lift Cable Snapped

    As BelchFire has said!
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    Opposite of an introduction.

    F5, really sorry to see you leave. Yeah sometimes it is hard to get past the same old questions which could have been answered by doing some plan old fashioned looking for them. But people like you are also why I frequent sites like this as you have experiences to offer. (Even an old fart like...
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    Jayco Eagle Lift replacement - Eyebolts Question

    Hi Mike, Without seeing the whole system it is a bit hard to know what actually is going on. But just looking at your image, the eye bolt with the shortest cable (Further-est extention) the cable appears to be on an angle from the eye bolt. This seems incorrect to me. Also have the eyebolt ends...
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    Lift Post for a 94 Rockwood XL 1270ss

    Yeah that sounds like an idea. Although I see quite a few people have replaced posts due to stickiness due bending. If it is corrosion, then the only real way of cleaning up will be to sand blast and then if the left over material is not to thin in the holes, then get it replated. But costs...
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    Lift Post for a 94 Rockwood XL 1270ss

    I found only one diagram with parts and part no on it. It showed the lifter posts as "vary" as the part no. I would give forest river a call and they may be able to help you. Particularly if you have a VIN or serial no off the trailer. Did a search on the part no you have supplied, but could...
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    Lift winch hard to crank down last couple inches

    Yes it will be in the winch assy somewhere. There is a friction clutch very close to the wind handle, but I suspect that it is the rest of the winch binding which is causing your issues. Give it a good lubrication (Unwind the handle completely when down) but avoid the clutch as lubricating that...
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    Thanks Steve. Moving.......
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    Can I replace winch on 2005 Rockwood?

    Not sure what the F reference is so it would be best to take a image and post it. Then we can point you to exactly what you need to get it fixed. But it certainly sounds like you need a new handle to start with?
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    Maybe a dumb question regarding cold weather use...

    Yep as everyone else has said. Good job we got on the right track. Nothing worse than having a cold trip away. You can just make out the furnace exhaust beside/infront of your slideout.

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