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    Found a few:
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    water pump location (high vs low)?

    Thank goodness someone is these days. I’m glad to hear it is performing well.
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    1,500th post

    In an attempt to not totally hijack the thread, Some things one wants to keep in mind if you’re looking at some subscription service. The things are response vs transport and reciprocity. There is a difference in that some vendors who provide response, ie pick you up out in the brush after...
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    1,500th post

    And that cost can vary greatly based on your personal situation and the service provider. If you are in a rural area, or a large metro area that uses air response, having a bit of planning is a good idea IMHO. Some providers have subscription or membership plans you can enroll in to defray some...
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    First Time Owner, Central Oregon Coast

    Welcome from Central Oregon. Congratulations on your find.
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    Hello from Portland OregonI

    Welcome from Central Oregon. There is at least one other member on here that has one like yours. Congratulations on your find.
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    water pump location (high vs low)?

    If you already have the pump what do the directions say? Most RV type pumps I’m familiar with will self prime, but it pays to double check.
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    1,500th post

    #1: I wish you well with your recovery. #2: Your pre planning advice is a good thing. Thanks for posting it.
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    Yellowstone closed !

    That is a nice and timely sentiment. Thanks for posting it.
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    Yellowstone closed !

    So did the films from Devils Tower from back in the 70’s
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    She wins!

    She does some pretty interesting stuff for sure. Wish I had that level of creativity. Thanks for sharing
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    Fingerlakes area vintage camper!

    Holy mackerel, that second photo screams family road trip across America!!! Very nice looking set up and thanks for sharing.
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    Help!!! We need stabilizers

    I’ve seen larger diameter PVC pipe cut in half and put over the lift posts. This approach I would guess requires heavy gauge, like schedule 80. As for the corner stabilization of the whole trailer, mine didn’t come with jacks either. I use a version of these: . As for the list or tilt, it’s...
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    Hello from California

    As mentioned, the library has a lot of useful stuff. There are some generic RV parts dealers online that should have anything you need. Rockwood Is one of the common brands. I’m usually able to find stuff online and mine’s older than yours. Anyway, welcome from Central Oregon and enjoy it.
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    AZ Boondocking, Age Adjusted

    Just remember to increase the speed a little to compensate for the additional trajectory required for the trailer first time you take it all out and jump it… Oh, and welcome from Central Oregon. It is a good looking pair for sure.