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  • Perhaps it would be worth looking him up. Anyway, just seemed like seeing your post was interesting timing, so I thought I would share the info. Hope you are doing well, and happy camping, too!
    but if you are still looking and are anywhere near Detroit, the presenter of the seminar comes highly recommended. He has treated a number of members of my own department who I know personally. He is LaMaurice H. Gardner, Psy.D., Police Psychologist. His background is interesting because he has also had many years of experience as an LEO himself, so he really "gets it."(Cont)
    I hijacked the wife's profile as usual, LOL. I came across an old post of yours where you talked about your struggles with PTSD. This was timely, as I am a 30+ year veteran cop and just attended a training seminar on Friday about this topic. I don't know where your from, and I hope you are doing well and have already found effective counseling, (Cont.)
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