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    Popup Gizmos for Starcraft Centennial 3604

    I have a set up popup gizmos that I no longer need due to selling the camper. Make me an offer and cover shipping and we both win.
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    Step size for Starcraft Centennial 3604

    I need to replace the step on my 2005 Starcraft Centennial 3604 camper. My DW is currently out of town with the camper while I am working and therefore I cannot physically measure what size I need. Can anyone tell me if it is a 20 or 24" pullout step? Thanks.
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    How is Summit Lake SP...lakeside campsites?

    We have camped on 97 before and it was great for kayaking as there is room to beach multiple kayaks at the campsite. There are a few other sites in the same area that appeared to good as well. It is a nice quiet lake that is large enough for good paddling and fishing. We have been there on...
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    Hello from Illinois!

    Welcome from a Hoosier neighbor that spent a lot of my younger days exploring the parks of Southern IL. Garden of the Gods is still one of my favorites.
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    Advice or not?

    If you finance a camper and are then unable to camp for a month or two for whatever reason, it will frustrate you. If it is free and clear, you will still miss camping but it is a different kind of frustration. I love camping as much as anyone but refuse to create financial hardship to do so...
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    Campsite suggestions in Fall Creek Falls State Park?

    Following as we hope to go there soon as well.
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    We liked AdventureBound (Crazy Horse). It is not right in Gatlinburg which was a plus for us. The staff was friendly and the sites along the stream were very nice.
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    Would you let your 18-22 yo DS/DD borrow your PUP/TV to go camping with friends?

    I let me older ds who was 18 at the time and three friends borrow my pup for a 5 night trip. I pulled it out, set it up, and spent Saturday night in the camper. They arrived on Sunday and stayed until Friday when I arrived to help them drop the camper and I then towed it back. I knew all four...
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    Replacing canvas - how easy (or hard ) ?

    I will be replacing at least one end of my Centennial before next season. It does not appear to be overly difficult. I will follow other responses as well.
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    Does anyone own a 2001 Jayco Qwest pop up 12A?

    You can install a dual hitch and use a bike rack. You need to be careful with turns. What size bikes are you wanting to haul?
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    Hello from Indiana

    Welcome from a fellow Hoosier.
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    Goshen stamping

    Sadly, I live a couple of hours from there and have yet to make it up for a tour.
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    How do you thank someone?

    Kudos and big thanks to everyone involved.
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    Don't do what I did!

    My DW moved my keys from the counter to the pocket on my shaving kit (not a place I keep my keys) while breaking down the pup. We had driven two cars down so I drive the two hours back home, grab the spare set, drive back and hook up the truck to pull the camper home. I get home that night and...
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    Trip to Alaska

    We are hoping to do a cruise/land excursion next season if we can work everything out.