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    Do people only choose Pop Ups because they have no other choice?

    As I have said in the past, when I get over work camping and am not living full time in my rv, I will absolutely go back to a pop up. When I am just a weekend camper I find more pros than cons with a pop up.
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    Need ideas…Curtains for 5th wheel windows

    If they are like the ones in my tt, they are fastened to the wall with "L" type brackets so you can take them down while you are hanging the new curtains. I just used a regular, cheap curtain rod from walmart -- there was plenty of clearance -- and then put the valance back up.
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    Goodbye to Walmart camping?

    The story I saw said that the van campers had spent the night off to the side where the the overnighters usually park. They got up in the morning, fixed breakfast and then packed up, and moved to a regular parking space to grab some supplies before they hit the road again. The problem started...
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    Are pop ups a dying breed?

    So, I was sitting outside after I got off work in the campground office this afternoon, and it is a beautiful coastal Carolina evening. I looked around at the campsites in my area and there is one little old popup in, the first one that's been in since 4th of July weekend. So, in the middle of...
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    Are pop ups a dying breed?

    We landed in North Carolina work-camping since April with no end in sight, so the pop up just isn't an option for us at this point. We rarely see any pop-ups at the campground we are working--but when one does pull in, I get so excited to see it! The travel trailer we are living in is nice to...
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    Yet again...

    I love the video of the kid getting tossed by the bison. I know it's wrong, but it cracks me up every time.
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    2300 miles , 16 nights and 5 campgrounds.

    this looks like it was a fantastic trip!! I've thought about doing it for the grandkids but every time I start to look into planning I get a head ache!!
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    Getting a Hybrid

    congrats! enjoy!
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    I'm A Campaholic!

    I don't understand "those" people either... I'm usually a Tuesday to Thursday camper, with at least 2 week long trips thrown in per season... As far as the "hillbilly" wagon...I don't get that much crap do you need?
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    Looks like a great trip!
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    printed maps getting worse

    I use my garmin, but I love to also have a paper map with me at all times. The garmin gets me where I originally intend to go, but paper shows me if I'm close enough to someplace interesting to make a last minute detour. Sometimes in the original planning I'm simply looking from point "a" to...
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    I went dark...again

    So, after the cross country trip last February to visit our daughter the obnoxious pop up my DH had chosen had to go. Trying to set it up in 30mph winds caused the DH to suffer a melt down in Tucumcari, New Mexico and it went down hill from there. He no longer saw the golden light shining on it...
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    New and ready to dig in

    Welcome from PA! I'm leaving here for Boulder City NV in the morning...
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    How to get wet?

    I have no answer. I only looked because of the title...and I started to giggle cuz sometimes I turn into a 12 year old [LOL] Thanks!