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    Hot water for dish washing?

    In 50+ years of camping I have never had a hot water heater. When we bought the pup we had the one it came with disconnected because the concept is foreign to me. We use a big pot to boil water, pour that over the dishes in the dish pan, then add cold as needed. Rinse is in a second basin using...
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    Cast iron advice

    They are probably well seasoned already, so whatever you do don’t use soap or SOS pads! I bought one from a second hand store that is my best one, it looked pretty much like yours. I scrubbed with salt and water to remove the rust then used lard, a thin layer, coated it with that and baked it...
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    We have a new grandson

    Awesome news - congratulations!!!
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    Camping with teenagers

    My kids are grown now. One thing they liked was having a say in what we did when we were camping. They would research the location and what stuff there was to do at or near the area nd suggest outings etc. We’d pick one that each of them wanted to do even if no one else did. Led to some...
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    April 2019 - So, what did you do for your camper this month?

    Brought her home on Saturday. Haven’t opened her up yet - it might snow this weekend. This is the earliest we’ve been able to get her out of storage! Next week we’ll hopefully get to open her up and clean and plan the flooring
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    Water and washing dishes

    This is exactly what we do for drinking and cooking water. For dishes, we take them home if we’re only out for a weekend. If we have to wash we use whatever water the campground supplies. Heat on the stove and use one basin for washing and one for rinsing, and air dry in a rack on the picnic...
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    April 2019 - So, what did you do for your camper this month?

    If we are really lucky we will be able to get ours out of winter storage soon. Still lots of snow on the ground where it's stored (acreage, we are in north central Alberta) and access over the mushy ground is an issue usually till end of April or early May. Then get started on the new...
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    Hello from the great northwest

    Welcome from Edmonton Alberta!
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    Vinyl plank flooring installation

    I like the vinyl plank because of the ease of installation and the look. We’ve had Lino on our floor till now and don’t spend a lot of time inside when we camp, the coldness won’t bug us. I hate carpet, it holds dirt and is hard to clean.
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    Vinyl plank flooring installation

    OK so forget about removing the cabinets if we use this stuff. Is 1/8" enough of a gap or should it be wider?
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    Setting up a sink outside the PUP

    We don’t have water inside the PuP. If we have water at the site we hook up a hose to it and use that with a nozzle for water. If we don’t have water in our site we haul it. Our ‘sink’ is a basin beside the water carrrier on the picnic table.
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    Vinyl plank flooring installation

    I have been reading up on flooring since neither of us know the first thing about any of it. Here's what I think I have learned about redoing our floor with 'vinyl plank' flooring. Please let me know if this sounds right: - check under existing vinyl sheet flooring for water damage and repair...
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    peel and stick wallpaper durability?

    That's really nice! Where did you use it? I am thinking maybe on the well/box walls inside and possibly cabinet sides? Everything i've read says to use an adhesive in addition to the sticky back it already has.