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    Myles Standish State Park - Plymouth MA

    We stay in Curlew Pond Site 44 for 10 days every year when school gets out until july 5th. It's on the North side of Myles Standish. It has no neighbor to the left and a good view of the beach. Curlew is a great lake for fishing and kayaking. It's a short drive to the center of town to catch the...
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    Album: Checkout My Rig

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    9 day around july 4th .New England Ideas

    Plymouth MA holds a great Fireworks display. We camp in Myles Standish State Park during the 4th every year. It's a 15 minute drive to the center for the fireworks. It's dry camping, no hookups but clean bath houses and a great pond. Curlew Pond site 44 is ours every year. There's a crew of 10...
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    Virginia College Tour Road trip

    Taking my daughter to a few Colleges in Virginia and North Carolina in April. Colleges are Virginia Tech, UVA, University of Richmond, UNC. Then we spend a night or two on Assateague Island in MARYLAND. Looking for the best campground in between these schools. I see Staunton River State Park...
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    ME, Sebago Lake State Park

    Well we finally made it here for the Holiday weekend. Very clean bathrooms, showers and plenty of dishwashing statios. New playground areas for the kids. We had site 151 right up front by the lake. The hookup was in shitty location so I needed 50' cord and hose to hookup. It rained all night...
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    How did you come up with your screen name?

    Bman is the nickname my friends call me. And 77 is a tribute for the greatest hockey player to ever live. Ray Bourque. It's my screen name on all message boards that I participate in.
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    New England Mid-Summer Rally @ Mi-Te-Jo, July 27-29, 2012, Southern Seacoast NH

    Sorry we missed the rally but we were in Lebanon CT @ Waters Edge CG that weekend for my sons baseball tourney. Sadly we came in 4th but Berwick Maine won the championship. We stayed at MI TE JOE last weekend during the rainy weekend. We lost running lights and left turn and brake lights on the...
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    My PUP is too big.

    We love our 99' Niagara. Once we set it up a couple times and worked out the kinks it takes us 15-20 minutes. I'll say this it is a little heavy when towing but I'm 6'5" and feel like I have plenty of space. I haven't sold my little Skamper yet, might remain our backup PUP. We just camped for...
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    My 1999 Niagara

    Sweet Niagara!!!! Just picked a 99' up this year as well. These things are huge. Ours is missing the drapes and privacy curtains. Still searching for a nice material.
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    Poll. Do you camp with hookups?

    SP's for us with bath houses close by. We stay at 1 elec/water hookup site a season and live the good life. the other 3 trips are no power. First item on the mod list for the new pup is a 12v hookup, hopefully in the fall.
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    1999 Coleman/Fleetwood Niagara Looks like it was never used. Water system is good. Propane heater fine, still working on the hot water tank and 3 way fridge. The pilots don't seem to light.
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    1999 Coleman/Fleetwood Niagara

    Thanks, And thanks for the links. opening it up tomorrow and giving it a good cleaning and checking the water system. Luckily I don't have a little league game until Saturday, so I get the whole week to crawl through it. We're not camping till the kids get out of school so I got time to...
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    1999 Coleman/Fleetwood Niagara

    Just picked one up off Craigslist for $1700.00. It had been sitting in a driveway for two years without even opening it up. Not sure this owner had any knowledge about pop-ups, he bought it and never used it. I'll go through it this week and post some pictures. Had a little mouse issue but it is...
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    MA, Plymouth Myles Standish State Park,

    Booked our 3rd trip in here Curlew Pond June 22nd-July 6th.