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    I don't have faith in my tow vehicle

    From the first day I got it new, my popup has always been squeaking. If you listen to other campers coming in and out of a camping ground, most of them are squeaking like crazy. Popups, hybrids, travel trailers, 5th wheels. We all squeak! If you are properly hitched and locked in, your popup...
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    Great Article About Greater Towing Capacities in Europe

    Yeah, it was mainly about total towing weight only. But I liked the explanation of where the trailer weight was distributed before/on top/behind the axle and the implications on the tongue weight and overall trailer behaviour. So what are the lesson(s) to be learned here? The closer you are...
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    Great Article About Greater Towing Capacities in Europe

    Hi there! I found this great article explaining why in Europe the towing limits are much greater than here in North America. You regularly see a Forester or Focus towing huge trailers on UK/Germany/France roads. And still the Forester in the US/Canada has 1,500lbs towing limit! A great read...
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    What are the things that hold the door on the roof called?!

    Hi! My dealer gave me a handful for free... I guess they break often! B.
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    Anyone tried towing with a new 2014 Jeep Cherokee ?

    Hi all, As I can see, better safe than sorry. Better stay clear from that limit as much as possible. Well thanks for sharing your wisdom!
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    Anyone tried towing with a new 2014 Jeep Cherokee ?

    Hi folks, I understand your comments about the limits. However if we ever find a 3,500-3,600lbs hybrid one day, could the Cherokee handle it well? Of course, we would try to stay clear of the 4,500lbs limit knowing we are 2 adults (sometimes +2 kids) with luggage and doggie... We would...
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    Anyone tried towing with a new 2014 Jeep Cherokee ?

    Hi all, We are considering purchasing a Jeep Cherokee within the next 12 months. With a 4500lbs towing capacity with a Pentastar V6, it should easily tow our 10' popup (1,500lbs) and will give us upgrade room for either a bigger popup, hybrid or TT. Has anyone towed with such a Jeep? Or heard...
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    What is the average age of pups still in use.

    2013 Flagstaff 206 LTD bought in 2012. And, of course, it still smells like new! [A] B.
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    Right PUP Wrong Vehicle

    You'll be just fine with your TV. Electric brakes will ensure everything is safe, though. If you can, get your pup/TV weighed at a weighing station. Getting our rig weighed eased our worries. Now we know we how much we can pack and how much wiggle room we have. Nothing better than getting the...
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    Hi Gentlemen from Montreal

    Bonjour and welcome to the Portal, from a neighbor in Laval! B.
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    NEW meteor shower may be visible tonight/Sat AM

    Hi, We'll be camping this weekend and hope we'll see something (the weather outlook looks promising). Although we have to wake up sometime between 2AM and 5AM... That's gonna be tough! [SNZ] [SNZ] B.
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    Canadians: BAL Leveler where to buy?

    Hi, We ordered ours from Sportsman's Guide Canadian site. The price was right, even with shipping. B.
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    On trick is to go to sleep and only wake up on Friday. No wait! [SNZ]
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    Wi-Fi in parks?

    Hi all, I'm one of those "camping to disconnect". So: - No radio/TV - No cellphone (can be used for emergency call only) - No tablet/laptop - No handhelds/DSi/3DS - No MP3/iPod Nature has many ways to entertain us. I understand those who might need it, but I don't want to pay for something I...
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    Camping in Quebec or Eastern Ontario

    Hi there! Many Provincial Parks will have what you are looking for: - Quebec: (English/French web site) - Ontario: (English/French web site) Depending of the region you are visiting, I'm sure you will find a suitable place to camp. Ontario Parks...

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