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    Which canvas replacement company would everyone recommend ?

    We went with Bear Creek and have no complaints. The owner was super helpful in answering all my questions before I decided to go with them. He even told me if I went with the "other" company and had difficulty replacing or had questions, he would still do his best to help me and answer my...
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    Leisure Seeker ...

    Like the painted interior. Was it originally just the simulated wood grain and particle board that you just painted?
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    September 2022 - what did you do for your camper?

    Put new tires on it. Got a new pigtail to go from the camper to the TV.
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    Counter Top Edge - Re-glue?

    I also used clear Gorilla glue.
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    Right blinker and brake light not working

    I'm having the same issue. Just started today. At first I thought it was just a burned out bulb...that would be too easy.
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    August 2022 - what did you do for your camper?

    Finished the repaint and got the new stripes/decals on today.
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    What's been your biggest camping issue to-date? (equip, breakdown, etc.)

    This happened a few years ago. We were heading to a campground that a few or our friends have frequented and enjoy but we've never been. We head out on Thursday morning and get there and its raining pretty good. None of our friends are there yet but a couple other people are. We proceed to set...
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    1990 Coleman Chesapeake

    So I'm FINALLY getting around to repainting it. Been talking about it for years. Will also be getting new decals made to match the original, but in a different color. One question I have tho is there is only 1 Chesapeake decal on the door side. No Chesapeake on the other side. We didn't get the...
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    Covid campers, common sense and The Code

    Some people aren't fit to raise pets, much less kids. And don't get me stated on the ones that let their dog bark non-stop.
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    What food item has unexpectedly become a camping staple for you?

    The one thing we get for camping that we never get any other time is a container of peanut-butter filled pretzel nuggets.
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    Covid campers, common sense and The Code

    This whole thread make me both sad and angry...and it's not just at campgrounds. It's everywhere. Common sense, common courtesy and respect for others is just going out the window. You can blame it on television, movies or video games all you want, but I think it just boils down to parents not...
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    Preferred grease for the Whiffetree

    I used wheel bearing grease. Right or wrong, any grease is better than none. The first time I did mine, it was as dry as a bone. I got it used. I didn't let it get like that.
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    July 2022 - what did you do for your camper?

    We completely scrubbed and scuffed the roof in preperation for a new paint job. Then we replaced the corner caps. New paint's going on next weekend.
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    Campground Rules? Or really just suggestions to be ignored?

    There is always one whose dog won't stop barking. If your dog can't be trained to be quiet, don't take it camping. And there's always one who thinks the whole campground wants to hear their music. That really gets me irate. I always have music on, but I make sure the volume is such that you...