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    Heated Mattress + Foam Tiles

    I have this setup but haven't used it yet so I'm following! I wouldn't think there would be a problem though the wires are internal
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    Winter trip and the Dewalt drill.

    Yes. You need shore power for the mattresses. My Rockwood has them also
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    Coleman(?) Lantern

    Since they don't last that long I just use the tie ons because they're cheaper
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    Howdy From Sunny Arizona!

    Welcome from Mesa, AZ!
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    Level isn’t level anymore

    To check a level for accuracy (quick way). Place against the door jamb of your house. Notice where the bubble is. Flip it over. The bubble should be in same place. Do this on the vertical and horizontal jambs.
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    Removing U-Shaped Couch=Structural Issues?

    I would think that if you attached it to the walls in several spots it would do just as good as the original since that is all they do
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    Weird situation with door frame

    No. Once door is in place it velcros onto the inside and outside. Way better than my old Coleman that I had to push the canvas edge into that groove
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    Weird situation with door frame

    I think he's referring to the grommet along the canvas that pushes into the side frame of the door. My new camper uses velcro instead
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    New owner needs your wisdom

    Yup, bearing buddy only greases the front. Like putting lipstick on a pig
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    Generator Noise

    I wouldn't worry about it. Legal gennie at a legal time
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    AZ camping

    I just spent the weekend on milk Ranch Point Road off of fr300. Right on the edge. Beautiful!
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    Door Fitment

    Shepherd's poles?
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    AZ camping

    Am I the only one living in central Arizona that is looking forward to the nicer weather to camp? I am super excited to get out as the temperatures plunge into the 30s 40s and 50s . Where are your favorite spots to go when it gets out of the hundred degree range?
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    bearing grease turned black

    The rule of thumb talk to me by my father and grandfather before him was to grab a finger full of grease and rub it between your fingers. You will know if there is any grit. Color means nothing as long as the grease is slick between your fingers. If you feel any kind of resistance or grit repack.