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    Sold our pup.. picking up our TT this week..

    We have been toying with the idea of upgrading to a TT for about a year now.. DW really wanted a full size bathroom, and we needed a bigger fridge. We went to a local RV show recently and got a killer deal on a NEW 2011 Keystone Hideout 21FQSWE that was on Closeout to make room for the 2012's...
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    hybrid with walk around bed

    We looked at the 17REX at the fall RV show last year and really liked it. The slide out of the couch was nice to give a little more space inside. We would have bought one if they weren't $30,000!!!
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    hybrid with walk around bed

    My wife and I have been looking at one of those... we like the idea that we can deflate the bed and have a decent sized play space for our little ones to play out of the dirt and away from the bugs!! Enjoy!!
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    “Real” Maiden Voyage in N2U Pup

    I haven't had a chance to look at it. Hopefully I will get some time when I winterize the trailer.
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    Propane - remove tanks to get filled?

    My local hardware store does propane refills for a lot cheaper than the local gas station. Their parking lot is tiny so I always remove the tanks and take them in my truck to get filled.
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    PVC pole holder?

    Just my [2C] but we store ours under the mattress near the outer edge. Makes them easy to pull out as we're setting up and easy to store during cleanup.
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    harbor freight generator on sale again (CHEAP)

    Oh my.. its rated at 91db!! I don't care how good of a deal it is if it sounds like a freight train rolling through the campsite. Just my [2C]
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    Propane not cooling as well as 120v

    We recently went to Pinecrest with some friends and had a blast. Weather was nice ; 70’s during the day, 50 at night. We had an issues with the fridge not cooling very well that hopefully you all can help with. We ran the fridge on propane and it cooled but not all that great. I pre-cooled...
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    “Real” Maiden Voyage in N2U Pup

    Benfrench, the heater is mounted at one end of the pup at floor level, the thermostat is mounted about 6' away on the side of the fridge cabinet facing away from the heater about 2' off the floor. I didnt notice if the side of that cabinet was warm from the fridge.
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    “Real” Maiden Voyage in N2U Pup

    Benfrench.. Thanks for the advice. I have it open right now drying the canvas, I'll take some pics of the current thermostat and post them.
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    “Real” Maiden Voyage in N2U Pup

    Our pup doesnt have A/C and we don't plan to add it.
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    “Real” Maiden Voyage in N2U Pup

    *BUMP* - No one has any suggestions?
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    “Real” Maiden Voyage in N2U Pup

    While not technically the maiden voyage in our N2U pup (we spent a few nights at a local RV Park about 15min from our house earlier this summer as our pseudo camp driveway, ours isn’t level enough to setup the pup), this was our first real trek away from home. We went to Pinecrest with some...
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    Kitchen sink outside drain/hose

    Several folks on here have built holding tanks to catch this water using an Aquatainer. If you search you will find several variations with pictures.
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    What causes the water heater to take so long to light?

    Sounds like air in the lines. I always light the stove and let it run for 10-15 sec before trying to light the water heater.