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    Newbie, How do I Charge my Battery?

    What type of deep cycle battery do you have? Lead acid or wet cell batteries can handle about anything a charger will throw at them, within reason, if they are in good condition and the electrolyte level is correct. AGM or Absorbed Glass Mat deep cycle usually charge at a range of 6-12 amps. A...
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    idea - Bringing pup into the digital age

    As for where to put it, do you have a cabinet that you don't utilize? For instance, a lot of people don't make much use of the inside sink. You could redo or replace an unused space into a custom fit for the equipment.
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    Need wiring Schematic For 2001 Coachmen (Viking) Clipper

    Have you tried Viking?
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    How many A/C braces on a '07 Filon roof?

    I would err on the side of caution and go with more braces if you can't find an awnser. Better to spend a little more than have your A/C land in your lap..
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    Center Seam Leak

    After reading here about Externabond tape, I tried some on my current project center seam. It is expensive, but I don't believe you coud get water past the stuff without a drill. I bought mine through Coast Distribution. Follow this link: To go to the...
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    Problems with leaky door

    As far as the leaking, I am assuming that you have a gasket or something damaged or you are not setting up correctly. A photo from inside and out setup as you normally do would help us help you. Your stuck door could be due to not being set up level with stabilizers properly adjusted, due to...
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    Ford or Dodge truck?

    I prefer Ford. I suggest that you both test drive both vehicles. Then you can decide based on the pros and cons of each vehicle comapred to your own personal needs and intended uses.
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    Pintle and Lunette Ring use

    If I follow you, you are talking about going where two wheel drives can't and are concerned with the over bumps/through holes angles rather than turning or mild to medium sideways tilt. They do make a 2" hitch insert that uses a 2" ball for the bottom half of the pintle coupler. The top latch...
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    Cast iron cleaning?

    Here is a link to a very good article on care, cleaning, and buying cast iron cookware.
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    break away brake question on vintage pop up

    Northern Tool sells a breakaway powering kit for 50 bucks.
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    LED replacement bulbs question

    The Where: Check out They have a vast selection and links to companies that build custom leds. They make a square led board that has an adaptor that fits the #1156 or #1157 style automotive bulb sockets like the older ceiling lights. The panel installs with...
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    1 1/4" hitch and bike racks

    Wehn you say that the rear bumper is sturdy, are yoyu taking into account the leverage that the blike rack would create? With the hitch on the bumper and the three bikes on the top of the rack, quite a bit of leverage will be created putting a twisting force on the bumper as you travel. Without...
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    How do you wire? solder, crimp, heat shrink, scotchlok

    Check out these connectors I think this is what jenoble99 was referring to. We have used these on semi trailers for years. They take all the abuse that an over the road trailer can dish out with no problems. They are a bit expensive. They can be found...
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    PUP Sway

    Just a thought, have you checked to see if your axle is perfectly square with the pup frame and is the same distance on each side from the ball socket center to the axle centerline? If the axle is a little off it can cause this also.
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    Atomic Buffalo Turds (ABTs)

    Cabela's used to carry a popper rack in the camping cookware section of the catalog.I had holes to hold the peppers upright. We bought an upright round smoker from Walmart that will smoke or grill. We use it more thaan the gas grill. The secret is to use real lump charcol and not a lot of...