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    20 lbs to 20 lbs Refill/Transfer

    I always wonder when the big tanks next to a home are recertified, or the really big tanks that are buried, when are they certified? I have had tanks for over thirty years and they are good as new. I even bought ODP valves for them and had the Farm Co-op to replace them. Recertification is a...
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    "Burning in brakes"

    The tire Rack is talking about disc brakes. Most trailers have DRUM brakes. So it still might be BS.
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    Ford EV lightning slammed in tow test

    Both trucks were pulling the same weight. They had Identical Trailers. 85 miles for the Elec Truck and more than double for the ICE truck.
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    My portable AC keeps tripping the breaker

    Grounding the generator must not be important, because they put that instruction in the generator instruction manual (sarc). Grounding to earth will protect against a fault in the 120-V load device that could keep the generator it self from becoming electrically HOT. Touch the energized...
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    My portable AC keeps tripping the breaker

    More info from the AC instruction manual. Unit has to be connected to a 120-V 15-A GROUNDED circuit with a time delay fuse or a circuit breaker, and must not be on an extension cord. That is on page 3 of the manual. Maybe there is a voltage drop with the extension cord or the AC electronics...
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    My portable AC keeps tripping the breaker

    From the generator instruction manual: This might be part of the problem.
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    My portable AC keeps tripping the breaker

    For all responding to this problem. I read that one of you talked about a floating Neutral. I noticed on the generator a post for a ground. QUESTION shouldn't this generator in this application have an earth ground? That might be the cause of a Floating Neutral and a possible problem with...
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    My portable AC keeps tripping the breaker

    I like your reply, I also would suspect that the output curve of the generator to be "dirty", square wave versus pure sine wave. Plugging directly into the generator should help identify the problem. That fits your outline of diagnostics.
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    My portable AC keeps tripping the breaker

    I found this on line: 8,000 BTU Portable AC Generator Size A portable AC with an 8,000 BTU cooling capacity requires a generator with at least a 4000-watt output. According to manufacturer requirements, 8,000BTU needs 800 watts when running and 1350 watts when starting.
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    USB Outlets?

    I replaced my 20-A outlet in my PopUp with a 20-A plus two USB outlets, and I have had no problems with using it. It is my AC outlet and circuit.
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    My portable AC keeps tripping the breaker

    The AC compressor uses higher Amps when starting than your generator breaker. What is the Amperage of your generator breaker? It should be at least 20-A for an AC. Your AC will use lower Amps after the compressor has started, but the starting inrush of power is too much for your generator...
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    Foam factory mattress cover

    We used the original cover as it was still in great condition. We bought the LUX Foam and it is firm, and we believe it is TOO stiff. Now we think the next step down would have been better.
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    LED lighting

    There are a lot of choices for LED lights for a trailer. All you need is a 12-Vdc LED light. In my trailer I have two lights, and each has a three position switch that allows me to have a lower light level and a ^HIGH light level, and of course OFF. The high is so bright, we do not use it as...
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    Help with pop camper bed and sink

    I wonder if the rail is upside down also. My trailer is a Coleman Chesapeake and the bed does not have any center wheel, and the end does not cover the top of the trailer body box. The bed has a weather strip to close the gap between the box and bed bottom to keep critters out, It has a second...