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    towing 2000 lbs pop-up vs 3500 lbs mpg difference question

    The added weight isn't going to matter much on the flats, where speed and aerodynamics are more of a factor. If you are in hilly terrain or towing up big mountain passes, you will see a bit of a hit from the added weight. I'm guessing it's not going to be very noticeable because your tow...
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    How much does *your* A-frame weigh?

    Probably depends on the state. In Oregon, our weigh stations all have digital readouts. If I don't see any trucks using the scales, I pull onto them and get a reading.
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    The ALiner is ours

    Nice looking Scout. What's your tow vehicle?
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    How much does *your* A-frame weigh?

    2016 Aliner Scout. About 1,400lb when empty, but we've made a few modifications (some reduced weight, others added). No water, no propane. We are usually about 2,000 when loaded up, as we take advantage of the storage in the trailer to get gear out of our tow vehicle.
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    Are pop ups a dying breed?

    I've seen a lot of 2020-2021 Aliners popping up on the used market lately. Could be Covid-era buyer's remorse, but it would seem to indicate that they are still selling well. I see them on nearly every camping trip we go on.
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    Campground Rules? Or really just suggestions to be ignored?

    Except for the roughly 10-15% of them that are modified by the owner to be significantly louder and dirtier on purpose.
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    Aliner bungee cord snapped on road trip - temp fixes?

    Also would recommend that you go out and buy a cheap cargo load bar (cargo spreader bar, etc). Use this to push the peak walls out, which will work to prevent wind gusts from popping the roof up, even without a wind kit. Bonus is that it doubles as a coat/drying rack...
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    Aliner Scout big black handles on front: what are they for?

    I love that I can easily move our Scout around by hand. I've been able to maneuver it into campsites that would be impossible to back into, turn it 90* or even 180* depending on the site layout and our desire for door location. Pro-tip: throw some ballast behind the wheels and it will make it...
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    Campground Rules? Or really just suggestions to be ignored?

    Wow, I had no idea that there were State Parks and campgrounds that had rules against alcohol. Is this a midwest/southern thing?
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    I Bought this thing

    Probably worth whatever you could get for the scrap metal. If you can make it work, and you want a project, maybe it will be worth it for you. 99.9% of people looking for a camping trailer wouldn't come anywhere near something like this.
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    Old Pop Ups not allowed in Malibu!!!

    I would take my business elsewhere.
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    Do you camp cold? If so. where?

    We don't have propane on our Aliner Scout, so we stick to campgrounds with hookups in the winter. As long as we have a 120v plug, we can stay warm even in slightly below-freezing weather (2 adults and 2 kids with a small space heater). We use dry-camping practices if the faucets are turned off...
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    Custom 2" receiver for my Rockwood 2560G for bike rack

    You can mitigate the sway by loading as much gear as possible at the extreme front end of the trailer. Is the trailer frame rated for this, though? That's a lot of bending force on that frame, over the single axle.
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    fuel economy

    We might have one of the more extreme differentials on here, because we're towing closer to the upper limit of our vehicle, and it's always in the hills/mountains. Our Outback will normally get 28-30mpg highway, and we get 20-21mpg when towing our Aliner Scout.
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    Caulking thoughts

    Sikasil appears to be silicone? That's what it looks like on my bubble windows, at least. I had a small corner of one bubble window where the caulking failed, so I cut it out and re-did it with silicone. I'll see how it holds up, I guess.