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    Florida 2016 Spring Rally??

    We are already booked for Lake Kissimmee for most of that week. Looks like we will have to miss this one.
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    Florida 2016 Spring Rally??

    Myakka River is kinda hard to get into also. It books up really far in advance. But it is a really nice park.
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    Awning mat or rug storage

    We roll ours up, then bungee to the top of the rear bumper.
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    2015 Florida Fall Rally

    That weekend might work for me, I will see what I can find out.
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    2015 - Florida Spring Rally

    I also had a great time. Thanks again Kimmygr. You did a great job getting it all together. I had a nice time meeting everyone, and it really is a great park. It was really neat swimming in the lake(large pond) with turtles and what not swimming within arms reach. I'm looking forward to camping...
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    2015 - Florida Spring Rally

    OK, Kimmygr, you can change mine to 2 adults, and we are bringing some char sui for the dinner. That's what kind of food you get when your best friend is a chef. [:D] Hoping the rain stays away.
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    Hi from sunny Florida

    I say welcome also, and we will see you at the rally. [8D] [8D]
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    Parking HTT in Daytona

    We are going to Tomoka SP this weekend. That looks like it's only a few minutes away from Daytona in Ormond Beach. The sights look a little small, but I hope to fit my 23 footer in there ok.
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    2015 - Florida Spring Rally

    I have at least one set of horse shoes, and a poor mans excuse for a bean bag toss game. I also have a ladderball set I can bring. We got it a year or two ago and I think its been used twice. So it would be good for it to see some action. [:D]
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    2015 - Florida Spring Rally

    OK, I am in. I'm not sure who is going to be coming with me though. DW doesn't like to sit around in the heat, and there is a good chance it might be a little warm. But I do have lots of friends who don't mind doin' some campin'. So put me in site 25. We will be there Friday evening after work...
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    Hello from Tampa Bay, FL

    Hello from Lutz (North Tampa). [:D]
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    PVC Pipe Outdoor rug storage

    That's what we started doing last year. It was way too much of a pain, and a mess, to try to put in a bin or in the camper.
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    Little Manatee River

    Had a great time over the weekend. The weather was perfect. Warm in the daytime and nice enough at night for a fire. The only thing that wasn't so great is when we were setting up i fount my front axle tires looking like this. From what I have been able to find on the web, it looks like a bent...
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    Little Manatee River

    Going to be in Little Manatee River SP this weekend. Looks like we will get lucky with some of this cool weather moving through. At least in the evenings.
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    1st mod new t-stat!

    I put one in my HTT a few months ago, makes a very nice difference. I'm sure you will love it.