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    Replacing Fridge

    The 3-way fridge in our PUP no longer works. I was thinking about replacing it with just a 120v dorm fridge. We only camp with power so I am not worried about needing battery or propane. We have a bigger one that we also bring and keep outside, but would like to have the built in one for short...
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    Battery during the winter

    I store my PUP in my garage during the wonder. Just wondering about the battery, would it be ok to leave it plugged in all the time. Should I unplug it and plug it in once in a while to charge or should I use a battery charger?
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    dinette slide out

    Sorry not much help on how to access rollers. But it does sound like you may have a problem with rollers. We store a small microwave, camp stove, and other misc stuff under one bench. A small Keurig coffe maker and some lanterns under the other that has the water heater. Also 4 camp chairs...
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    When is it too windy for the awning to be out?

    Where do you hook the straps on your awning? Can't find a good place to hook mine.
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    Complete Newb². Water System Questions.

    I 2nd this. Not only have them show you how it works, but show you that it actually works. See if they can turn on the fridge a few hors before you get there to make sure it works. When we picked ours up from the dealer they just went through everything and didn't actually run anything. A few...
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    When is it too windy for the awning to be out?

    It wasn't windy when we were camping last weekend. A big gust came out of no where. I had the support poles anchored to the ground. Anchors held but it snapped the poles off the awning. I have to figure out a way to fix those. Thinking about maybe investing in some of these...
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    Great memorial weekend trip until...

    We had a great time camping and boating this weekend with a group of friends. Early Monday morning it started raining a little bit. I was awoken by a noise outside, I looked out and discovered that the wind had blown one of the awning poles loose from the camper. I decided to take them off the...
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    1st experience with rain.

    Had a great weekend at Lake Rudolph campground and Holiday World in Santa Clause, IN. The campground was nice and very fun. But then early Sunday morning came the down pour. Storms and hard rain all morning. Lucky slowed down when we had to star packing up. We have been lucky this was our 1st...
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    LED Awning Light Strip Mod

    Just got my box of goodies today from Amazon that included my strip of LED lights. Can't wait to try them out tomorrow. What is the best way others have found to mount them? I was thinking about Velcro, I would like the ability to take them down.
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    fathers day weekend outing

    I also told DW that I would like to spend Father's Day week-end camping. Nothing better than a relaxing week-end camping and out on the lake in the pontoon. It will be my 1st Father's Day with out my "Pops", who passed away last September.
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    Colerain RV, Indianapolis

    Just don't go back there for service. Their service department is horrible! [:(!]
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    PU with a Slide or TT?????

    We are so happy we went with slide out dinette. It is amazing how much it seems to open things up. Also gives you a ton of more space at the table. Not cramped if you need to eat indoors with crappy weather.
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    It's great to be back!!!!!!

    We took our NTU PUP on her maiden voyage this week-end, and had a great time. I didn't realize how much I missed camping. Everything went well, no major problems. A lot of things in our notebook that we need to add or do differently. One major thing is orginazation. We defiantly need some...
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    Water heater not igniting.

    De-winterized my PUP Over the weekend. Filled the hot water tank. Lit the pilot light with no problems, but the heater will not ignite and kick on. What should I check first.
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    Cleaning Vinyl

    The end flaps on my bunk ends are vinyl, I used magic eraser on those and it did great. The ones are the side are like cloth material. What should I use on them?