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    Bike rack for ALiner Expedition

    I have a roof rack on my tow vehicle to carry two bikes. I made a mount on the Aliner tongue for a hitch rack so I can bring my tandem kayak on the roof rack.
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    2016 Aliner Classic "Stove"

    The part number maybe AK141001 Left LP, AK141002 Right LP.
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    Roof braces

    Yea, I have sold the air conditioner and the popup. I now have an Aliner. Thanks anyway.
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    PahaQue awning

    I have this awning. This was the first time setting it up. I was in the drive way and I did not have the ends moved in close enough the raise the height. I have yet to set it up while camping.
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    We sold our 1985 Jayco popup and purchased a 2008 Aliner Classic

    We sold our 1985 Jayco popup and purchased a 2008 Aliner Classic
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    Camping with cats?

    We don't camp without them. They both like to swim and flat water kayak
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    Roof braces for AC

    1985 Jayco 1008 SG
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    Roof braces for AC

    I have a roof ac to install on my popup. It does not have braces. I can't find any made for my camper. I was wondering if I could make my own by using: I was thinking 8'x2"x2"x1/8" thick. Welding the end brackets to bolt to the sides of the roof would not be a problem. I now have a window unit...
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    Roof braces

    I have a 1985 Jayco 1008SG. I am going to install a roof air conditioner. I need to purchase roof braces. Does anyone know where I can purchase a pair?. I have not measured the celling span to see what length I need. Once I do that I may be able to use someone other than Jayco. If there is...
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    Neuse River Trail camp grounds

    Thanks, speckhunter80. They must have opened another section. Thanks again for the information.
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    Neuse River Trail camp grounds

    The Neuse River Trail is a 33-mile long paved greenway located in the Research Triangle region of North Carolina, running along the banks of the Neuse River from Falls Lake Dam to the town of Clayton.
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    Neuse River Trail camp grounds

    Does anyone know of a campground near the Neuse River Trail that has water and electric hook ups? I would like to be close enough to ride the bike to and from the trail.
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    Rack to carry the tandem bike

    I have used a roof top carrier on the TV in the past. 15jayco where do you keep the tandem when the pu is set up? I thought I would cable lock it to the back of the pu under the bunk. cyclesteve