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    That's really sad. The disrespect of nature and the other people (even if boondocking) is really upsetting. We just took a quick weekend getaway at a nearby KOA and had a similar experience. There are banks of cabins a few rows from where we were staying, and while we have a small outdoor...
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    Trip to Covert KOA for the 4th - Hot, but Fun

    It absolutely was. Avoided sunburn, mostly too! The only down side is that with the overwhelming heat, we were either too sweaty or too wiped out to have a fire all but one night of the trip.
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    Trip to Covert KOA for the 4th - Hot, but Fun

    We just got back from our first trip out this year, and boy was it HOT! We stayed at the KOA in Covert, Michigan, about 10-15 minutes from South Haven and Lake Michigan this year since the kids specifically requested a pool for this trip. We had no issues getting out there, but ran in to a...
  4. Campsite


    Set up for the holiday weekend
  5. U-Pick


    U-Pick Blueberry Bushes
  6. 20180704_132606[1]


  7. 20180703_210334[1]


  8. Painted Rock

    Painted Rock

    Found near the bathrooms
  9. Fishing


    Kids fishing with grandpa
  10. Saugatuck Dunes

    Saugatuck Dunes

    A rare picture of the kids getting along
  11. Splash Pad at KOA

    Splash Pad at KOA

    New this year - an absolute dream for the sweltering trip
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    Cheap Bunk End LED Light Mod - Thanks Harbor Freight!

    I am reminded of a quote from Escanaba in da Moonlight that says "Anything free is worth saving up for!"
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    Adding an exterior shelf?

    I use two of these at my campsite - a short one to one side of the door, and a long one on the other. Between them, I can make the area under my awning in to a meeting point for my group, and those around me.
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    Screen room inquiry

    The PUP we bought came with the outdoor grill that latches on to the outside rail of the camper and a screened in awning room. I have never used either. I had a hard enough time finding replacement parts for my awning. I couldn't imagine trying to find the add-a-room.
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    Cheap and Easy HDTV

    The TV isn't 12v as far as I know; it's just an old HD tv that my brother in law had. Sorry for the late response.

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