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    Any Dooms Day Puppers out there ?

    None of us know our future as emergencies can arise that may require using the popup for sleeping. We also use ours as a guest room for visitors as our house is too small to accommodate others.
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    POOP IN THE PUP! (A Truly Crappy Thread)

    Actually, not so much so. I Have been tent camping with a toilet and shower of my own now for the last 15+ years after I finally had it with disgusting pit / vault toilets, and finding syringes in the showers in campground showers. No thank you! And not all RVs have full facilities. My VW...
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    Eureka Northern Breeze Screen Room Review

    Tried that but made it harder to get the first pole section completely extended when an adjacent section is so much shorter. However did find that doing the opposite side after the first one goes up is much easier to balance while erecting. Aired mine out before my next camping trip next...
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    Just in time for snow

    That’s like buying a swimming pool in the winter. Perhaps on milder days this winter you can pop it up and work on stuff you want to repair, change and upgrade. We live in the country so we can pop ours up and sleep in at home too. We’ve gone out to sit in ours when it is popped up and have a...
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    Slide out or not...

    Matching the TV with the camper is the first and most fundamental question over camper capacity. One could always pitch a tent for the kiddos to increase sleeping space. Just because a TV can pull a trailer down the road doesn’t mean it should if it’s capacity is exceeded for safety or the wear...
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    Old Guy

    Hey old guy from another old guy (nearly 70). You’ve lived in some interesting things and I have too. Lived in a Ford Econoline van in Santa Cruz, Ca. on the beach for a year. We love our pop up, a 15 year old Starcraft that I’ve been slowly restoring. For me, I could live in this full time in...
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    On the road - setting PUP at a rest area?

    I’ve decided after our 5000 mile trip to Maine from Texas this summer that a popup is not practical for popping up and taking down every day. We did do a few of those but found staying in a hotel for the night got us back on the road early without taking down the camper. Popups are designed to...
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    Do you ever feel like a 2nd class citizen in a PUP?

    Until I saw this thread, this question never came to mind. I think though, many are jealous with envy that I have such a nice camper.
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    Beginners Canoe?

    I have 2 canoes and have had numerous kayaks including a Feathercraft folding kayak. If you’re looking for a beginners stable canoe go with a flat bottom like the Old Town Discovery series. My OT Discovery 169 (16 ft. 9”) is made of cross link plastic and is very heavy at 90 pounds. But it’s a...
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    Eureka Northern Breeze Screen Room Review

    The new model is now all shockcorded together into 4 pole sections and there is no vent at top. Extending the legs one at a time is a bit unwieldy as the legs are curved at the roof to wall poles as the whole assembly wants to flop around during assembly. Quite frankly, I’m worried about bending...
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    Eureka Northern Breeze Screen Room Review

    Just got back from Beavers Bend State Park in Broken Bow, Oklahoma and our first freezing temp camp out with our new Eureka Northern Breeze kitchen tent. Let me tell you folks, this kitchen tent is the cats meow of screen rooms and probably should be at 500 bucks. We set up a cooking table with...
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    First freezing trip with popup

    We just did our first freeze campout this weekend at Broken Bow Lake, Oklahoma. One small electric space heater kept interior temps at 65 at night without reflectix. Having a new dining tent was the cats meow with a buddy propane heater.