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    EV+Popup, Hi From WI

    Hello from the Fox Valley. I will look forward to your reports. Fascinating. We don't have much of a track record of EV's and towing to educate us.
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    Wisconsin Dells Campsites?

    There is a KOA not far from the Dells. You aren't going to find any spaces at any State Park. There is a State Park, Devils Lake, in Baraboo that you can check and maybe catch a weekday, non-electric site. We have been to the Dells numerous times and found the best bet is to rent a room at one...
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    Used pop up camper questions

    The most common cause of a water heater problem is the thermocycle, pretty cheap fix.
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    Hello from Wisconsin!

    Welcome from another Appleton neighbor. Today is my day to shove the popup into the garage because there is snow in the forecast and I will need all the driveway space for snow removal.That means finding a place for all the wife's stuff she put in the garage because she doesn't want to keep it...
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    Nest Thermostat in the Camper ???

    May need an off switch. I installed a standard thermostat in my without an off switch thinking turning it down all the way would suffice. It kicked on when I hooked up the battery to winterize in 50 degree temps. Test it first.
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    New trailer popped off

    A teachable moment. Maybe someone can post some photos of correct connections.
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    New trailer popped off

    Makes me wonder about the reliability of the emergency braking systems.
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    Civilian Conservation Corps Memorial Trail

    Just to add, the terms were limited to I believe, nine months, so as to allow as many people as possible to benefit. For a lot of young men, such as my dad, it was the first time in their lives where they ate three meals a day, including milk, meat and eggs. Most provisions came from local...
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    Welcome from the Fox Valley.
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    Civilian Conservation Corps Memorial Trail

    Thanks for the history lesson. My dad was in the CCC in Wisconsin and spoke fondly of it for the rest of his life. Many of the camps were converted to prisoner of war camps during the war and later many were dismantled or repurposed as scout and church camps.
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    Public sinks

    Of all my concerns about campgrounds, this comes in at number 237.
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    Jayco popup won’t lift

    Double check you took the proper steps to secure the interior, the sink, the sofa etc. Something may have been missed.
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    Upper limit switch search

    Thanks, that makes sense. Just to be crystal clear I ONLY use the drill to get the last two inches on the lift. That is why I want to fix the upper limit so I don't have to do that. dan
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    Upper limit switch search

    My popup stops two inches short of a full open requiring taking out the drill for the last few turns. I am trying to find where the upper limit switch is located so I can at least tinker with it to eliminate this issue. I am posting a photo of the winch for your edification and any advice.