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    Where did those keys go?

    Yeah, did that. More or less boondocking, looking all over in the grass and rocks, then…oh…oh crap. :(
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    Power help-extreme newbie

    This is a good start. At the overhead light connector, I would check for power. If there is power at connector, problem is up in the bulbs, fixtures or wiring. If no power, time to look for the wiring at the back of the converter and check that. If I recall has wiring...
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    Dimensions of cabinet? - Coleman Roanoke

    My wife and I have a 1991 Coleman Roanoke. Looking for dimensions, L/W/H of cabinet to the RH side as you enter. I don't know how much this differs in models. The trailer is in storage, and I am home for quite a while due to Long Haul COVID, so I have time to plan... Our thought is to convert it...
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    Trailer Chains

    Mine are the same way on the 1991 Coleman from the factory. I always wondered about that. I am adding this to my 'fixit' list for the Spring.
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    1991 Coleman Roanoke Royale lift doesn't stay up

    I've had this same thought from time to time on our 1991 Roanoke CD. Just this pin?, and that's all the manual shows/mentions. We wrap a bungee as well. Didn't think of the door, so that makes me feel better.
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    October 2021 - what did you do for your camper

    I installed a thermostat to replace the original vintage one. Taking the trailer out to Angel Fire NM after work Friday, staying and riding the next day. Lows are supposed to be 30's. We haven't used the trailer much and this year decided to get it in gear. I installed an electric water pump...
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    Carbon monoxide detector

    Agree, cheap insurance.
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    Ok I give up....where's the thermostat

    T His gives me a thought, I ought to at least clean/dust the mechanism before next weekend. Thanks for the thought!
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    Ok I give up....where's the thermostat

    This was timely. Taking our pop-up out next week and will likely use the furnace. Thermostat is under dinette that we will be using in bed mode. Between the furnace being dodgy in past years, (blower bearings were sticky, I overhauled that), the thermostat locale, and my wife, (who is not...
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    1991 Coleman Roanoke - how to secure manual crank?

    I am looking for the correct way to secure the manual handle. We received everything you see here, and it always been sketchy and with grandkids coming online to camp, even more. I can fab up a solution, but looking for what 'should' be there as well. Thank You - Dave
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    Tow Vehicle

    After a long time driving a Pontiac convertible as a DD and making it work for my outdoor interests, I made a change and one thing on my list was 'able to tow the trailer', as the Pontiac wasn't it, and we were keeping an Expedition around for just this duty. A 2010 Ford Escape does just fine...
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    Coleman Columbia owners club.

    You are looking for this: I believe the part # is Littlefuse 348007, Google that and you should be headed in the right direction. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    So, what did you do for your camper, June 2016?

    Installed a step and actually took her out! Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
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    12 volts but no power. Cheesy chassis ground?

    I have no wiring in the sink area, except for a run to the furnace. No kill switch.
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    12 volts but no power. Cheesy chassis ground?

    1991 Coleman Roanoke Low options - 2x ceiling lights and a furnace. Converter for shore power for same. We used this for a year or so then into storage for 5 years and back out. Fresh battery. First run - no problem. Everything works, some clean, lube, etc. Driveway time, no problem. This...