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    Exclusionary effects of campsite allocation through reservations in U.S. national parks

    Boydster - I particularly agree with your point about the cancellation problem. Personally, I'd love to see some sort of social media camping scoring system. (I realize that would probably add even more work for campground hosts and rangers to identify "no show" reservations.). That said, some...
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    Yosemite - Releasing Sites Held Back Due to Flood Risk

    I thought I would let the community know the following. opens additional Yosemite campsites on the 15th of every month. The next release is Friday, April 15th at 7am PDT. This will open the August to September window for reservations. As mentioned above, this release will also...
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    Exclusionary effects of campsite allocation through reservations in U.S. national parks

    I hope the community finds the attached study interesting. Reference Info: Pre-print ahead of press: Rice, W. L., Rushing, J. R., Thomsen, J. M., & Whitney, P. (2022). Exclusionary effects of campsite allocation through reservations in U.S. national parks: Evidence from mobile device location...
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    Multiple Solar Panels - Series or Parallel?

    In my experience, I think you'll find the effort to chase a few more watts are outweighed by the convenience of just leaving it in parallel. Ignoring battery types, loads, and shading, a simple and well-engineering approach that just works without user-intervention will go a long way to...
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    Are Bots Ruining the Yosemite Reservation System?

    I'm very pleased, and honestly a bit surprised, after three and half years to finally report that the National Park Service is beginning to address the demand for Yosemite campsites issue by testing a lottery system. Please see the FAQ at:
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    New trailer popped off

    ----------- Thank you WrkrBee - I've studied the photograph you provided. That makes perfect sense to me. I especially like the use of the bungie cable/hook to keep the extra chain length up and way from the ground. A) If I understand the above comments correctly, there are two...
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    New trailer popped off

    @Sneezer - I would also like to add my appreciation for your post. Thank you. Safety is always the first and highest priority. @WrkrBee - Your post also struck a hot button with me. It never occurred to me that the triggering event for the emergency braking system should be the separation...
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    Old Pop Ups not allowed in Malibu!!!

    I would like to suggest Leo Carrillo State Park.* I don't know how the park fared after the Malibu fire several years ago but it might be helpful to call or do some research. My wife and I stayed there several years before the fire and really appreciated the off-season peace and quiet. The...
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    New in SoCal

    Welcome from University City/UTC. There's also a FB group called "So Cal Pop-up Camper Owners" which is open to everyone. This weekend we're actually meeting up at the location below. Personally, I've enjoyed the 2-3 times we've attended - a very nice and relaxed group. Agua Caliente County...
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    Dometic Sink Screw Caps

    Just closing the loop in case someone else is ever looking for this part. See Dometic - Item No: 105310472, Name: Kit Fixing. Thank you Dometic for sending the parts for free.
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    Tesla or other Electric Truck

    The title of this YouTube video is a bit of a misnomer in that it has very little Rivian content. The author does a very good job of laying out the trade-offs between ICE vs EV. He was especially interesting to me when he discussed the effects of towing with an EV. (Which is something I've...
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    Tesla or other Electric Truck

    I wanted to take a moment to note that Musk has made public statements that he intends to allow non-Tesla vehicles to charge at Tesla facilities. He's rather vague as to timing, late 2021, but I'm guessing it will eventually happen. The side issue of appropriate charging connectors/adapters...
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    Draining fresh water tank on Expedition

    I'm a 2017 Explorer and it took me a while to "see" that the water heater also had a drain.* Aside from the physical obstructions discussed above, I remove the drain caps to both the fresh and hot water drains (PVC with caps**) and then connect my Viair tire inflator with a blow out adapter***...
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    Tesla or other Electric Truck

    Ford's Engineering Manager was also interviewed on TFL Talk at: Towing began at 11:48 and a discussion of Ford's Intelligence Range capability began at 14:50 to 15:44. Nice having choices but I'm really having a hard time deciding: Lightening, Rivian or Tundra
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    It's a sad day

    Attached is a very interesting article on this topic. I didn't know "risk communication" is a thing.