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    Flooded camper but Don’t How

    This happens to me annually when I replace my inboard water filter and don't get the housing quite tight enough. Depending on how tight I do get it, either the water pump, or the municipal water pressure may be sufficient to cause the housing to leak. Check your water filter's housing first...
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    May 2022 - what did you do for your camper?

    Added 100w suitcase solar. Converted my external Camp Chef Yukon stove to Quick Connect propane so it can run off the trailer's propane supply. Repacked the wheel bearings (replaced one that was showing wear). Installed a new USB charger. The new one shows system voltage, and provides super fast...
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    Experience with Renology 100s solar suitcase.

    Glad to hear it's working for you. This is my energy budget: Furnace: 2.8A/hr, duty cycle of 20-40%. Run time of 0 to 12 hours (depending on season and weather). Consumption: 0 AH to 13AH. Lights: 1.5A/hr, run time of 2 to 4 hours: 3-6AH. Water pump: 5A/hr, run time of 10 minutes. 1AH. Water...
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    12v Battery Assistance

    No matter how bad a 12v battery is, it will never register 0.0v. A battery ready for recycling is still going to register 10v or more. If you dug a car out of storage that's been sitting for 30 years, with dried up wet cells, ok, that battery may be zero. Others, no. How are you testing it? Is...
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    Testing AA Batteries: Dollar Stores vs. Major Brands

    Rechargeables are a pessimal solution for remote controls, smoke detectors, CO detectors, and flash lights that get infrequent use (unless the infrequently used flashlights have lithium ion rechargeables). There are legitimate uses for disposable batteries. Rechargeables lose charge over time...
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    Folding Wagons - recommendations?

    I have this one: Ozark Trail Camping All-Terrain Wagon It folds up small enough that it fits under my dinette with the table down, when the trailer is all packed up, with a sleeping bag or two beside it under the table. It holds up to 225 pounds. It has "oversized" (wider than you might...
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    Kayak transport

    I've used those J-hooks before. With my "Malibu Two" kayak, the hooks get yanked around in crosswinds and are inadequate for keeping the kayak pointing straight forward. I've never had a problem transporting a kayak upside down on a solid rack. But J-hooks have never worked well for me, and I've...
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    Experience with Renology 100s solar suitcase.

    Recently I purchased the following: Renogy 100 Watt 12 Volt Monocrystalline Off Grid Portable Foldable 2Pcs 50W Solar Panel Suitcase Built-in Kickstand with Waterproof 20A Charger Controller I got it on Amazon for about $225. It came with the 20A Renology Voyager controller, and a carrying...
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    Brake Controller Questions

    I feel it does matter what controller you get. Time Delay controllers are awful to tow with. They don't adjust for your rate of deceleration. They just apply more power the longer your foot is on the brake, up to the gain limit you set. So they're not ideal in panic situations, and they lead to...
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    Need help identifying and obtaining replacement part for securing canvas to trailer body.

    "Need help identifying and obtaining replacement part for securing canvas to trailer body."
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    Need help identifying and obtaining replacement part for securing canvas to trailer body.

    Of what use is the title of this thread? A goal to putting titles on forum posts is to aid navigation, and to help people who may know the answer encounter the question. This title only serves as something to click on if one happens to be bored.
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    Battery type

    Is there really a reason to tow a trailer with less than a Group 24 battery? G24 battery boxes are cheap, you can mount it to the A-frame of the trailer... it's almost easier than going smaller because it's standardized. Plus it will have 80AH capacity, or 40 AH usable without dropping below 50%...
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    What is this?

    Yes, covers work and should be placed over anything exposed, that burns propane; the water heater, the furnace intake and exhaust, and the 3-way fridge. I paid about $200 to have someone fix my 3-way (on-site, at my house), and the culprit was a tiny poorly-placed spider nest. I've also found...
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    Winter camping?

    Popup Gizmos help retain some heat in the bunk-end areas so the furnace doesn't have to stay on as much. At night, plan on warm bedding such as a 15f sleeping bag, and wear a knit cap, since a lot of body heat is lost through your head. An electric space heater puts out 5kbtu of heat. A typical...
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    I had the top off my old bronco for six months, in los angeles. Nothing ever went missing. A week after putting the top on, someone forced their way in with a screwdriver. People who want to get in are going to get in. A lock on a popup is like the toll-gate in the middle of the open desert in...