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    Back To Basics?... Camping or Glamping?

    For sure! I prefer to more boon dock than stay at sites with hookups. I first moved from tent camping to the popup to get off the ground and to shorten the amount of packing I had to do on a Friday after work before I could hit the road. I always have a charcoal grill and my Coleman stove that...
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    Plug into your own power

    Lol. Depending on my mood and how much id drank that day after the first "excuse me" I would've left for half an hour, then come back again and gone "hi, is now a better time to tell you your boat drifted away about half an hour ago?"
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    Road Trip 2021 - need an overnight stop in Utah or Nevada

    Looks very interesting, I'll add that to my route. That's on the final leg coming home so time won't be a factor! I'm looking at probably the end of July into early August for this trip. Get north away from the midwest humidity.
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    Road Trip 2021 - need an overnight stop in Utah or Nevada

    Thanks so much! The Maverick Canyon was just a placeholder, I wanted someplace scenic to overnight in that area, and your recommendation looks perfect!!
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    Road Trip 2021 - need an overnight stop in Utah or Nevada

    Hi everyone, Winter storm has me feeling blue so figured it was a good time to plan my mega road trip for late summer, 2021. The last few years have been nuts with work and family so I haven't been able to road trip at all and barely even camp. 2020 was supposed to be the year that changed...
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    how do you um "do it" in the popup with kids

    The thread that never dies! I've been inactive on this site the last couple years, haven't been able to get out camping as life keeps getting in the way.... but when I saw the notification for this thread I had to log in :)
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    2021 Illinois popups spring rally

    I hope to be able to attend this one. I was hoping to attend one this year but between COVID and a work trip that took place this Fall, 2020's been a major bust!
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    Interest in a Fall 2020 mid Missouri Rally

    I'd be interested, depending on the weekend, coming down from central Iowa.
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    How are you keeping busy?

    Bought a new house that closed a week ago Monday so spent a week getting it move-in ready by repairing horrific drywall patches done by previous owners, re-painting everything, updating electrical outlets and switches to tamper-proof models (got a <1 year old crawling around and I hate those...
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    Who still makes Pop Ups?

    The big challenge with all these companies suspending manufacturing is the lack of availability of parts when you need repairs on an older unit.
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    Solar charging while driving?

    It's doable, I don't run any solar but if I did I'd go the portable route as I usually park the camper under a shade tree and would want to be able to move the solar array out into the sunshine, so that wouldn't work for towing down the road. Plus, the amount of charge you're going to get is...
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    Help with sales psychology

    I've sold things like this before, and it's pretty much first come, first serve. When people would call me on a Tuesday to schedule a time to see it Saturday I always told them "first come, first serve" but that I'd give them notice if it sold so they didn't waste a trip. I "held" once for...
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    5G will be a whole new world compared to 4G. 5G will massively disrupt internet communications as we know it. Without getting too political, there is a reason that broadband access and "fiber to the home" in this country has been massively slowed in deployment compared to other countries...
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    We feel the "Dark Side" calling...will I answer the call...or hang up?

    Rent one for a couple weekends to see if you like it before making the plunge! At least 2, the first weekend it'll be all new and exciting, the second weekend you'll really feel the difference for what you like and don't like and can make an educated decision. I lived in a 30' fifth wheel one...
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    I'm an Enterprise IT infrastructure consultant for my day job, so feel free to PM me anytime. I can tell you that most wifi repeaters are awful, regardless if "professional grade" or "consumer grade"! The better ones will broadcast on the 2.4Ghz radio (802.11g at a max of 54Mbps) and back-haul...