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    We have done 4 week trips the last two post Covid summers and the only reason to end the trip was to take care of the bricks and sticks house. We have the Aliner Classic 12ft box. What helps us is the midsize truck we tow with. Covered bed and back seat are organized carefully. We take...
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    Cell booster???

    We have had a Weboost RV for a couple of years. Unfortunately we don’t remote camp often so can’t vouch for it in the real boondocks. We find that if we have at least one bar of signal, turning on the Weboost will usually add at least another bar. It wouldn’t work at the bottom of Palo...
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    Propane relocate

    You would probably need to reconfigure your loading to offset the heavier tongue weight. Can the frame handle the weight without more reinforcement? Most trailers use frames barely strong enough for designed purpose.
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    Measuring TV Payload

    Calibration is a pain in the butt. Drive brake drive brake. Need a long empty road. I gave up on the curt and plan to stop at the Cat scale down the road.
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    Propane on for 3-way fridge while underway?

    Just be aware of where your pilot light is in relation to an active gas pump when filling up.
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    Ford Bronco?

    The Bronco shares its underpinnings with the Ford Escape. We towed a 2,200 pound popup with our Escape Titanium also tow rated for 3,500 pounds. Felt good on flatter gulf coast state roads. No noticeable performance issues. However, we didn’t feel we had enough excess capacity for...
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    Cost difference model on lot

    Usually there is a difference in installed appliances either a/c, furnace, refrigerator hot water heater etc.
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    Hot Water Tank vs Tankless Water Heater

    Water line in was a simple take off old Suburban an screw onto new heater. It is strongly recommended to install a pressure relief value on the outgoing connection. We had to buy a smaller size Camco relief valve from Amazon as the box stores only carry home size valves. To install the...
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    Aliner leaking water heater

    If fittings aren’t leaking you may need to pull the tank. Before buying a new water heater maybe pull and set it on a outdoor table and hook it up to water under pressure and see if you can find a tank leak. If no leak you can reinstall and at least know the tank is good. Being a 2nd owner...
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    Aliner leaking water heater

    How old is the water heater/trailer? Is it a Suburban water heater? If so is the anode rod good and had the water heater been drained and flushed? Suburban’s have tanks that can rust out if not maintained. That would be worst case. Hopefully just a loose fitting. There are several in...
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    Weatherstripping replacement question

    I would check with Aliner/Columbia Northwest first. We bought a full seal kit from them for our Aliner Classic last year. Yours is older but they may still have a full kit for yours. (724) 237-5227
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    Simple question about refrigerator power

    Scouts don’t usually have factory fridges so I suspect a regular dorm/bar fridge was put in the blank opening running on ac.
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    Hot Water Tank vs Tankless Water Heater

    We bought the 42000btu unit that fits in a 13x13 opening. When we purchased both white and black door models were available. There were no model numbers listed on Amazon just btu sizes. I think the other size is about 55000btu. The smaller one is still working perfectly for us.
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    New Inverter for LiFePo4 Battery?

    Yes, but you may want to make a few changes. Electrically no difference. However, Lifepo4 batteries are much more expensive. Make sure you can secure from theft. We moved ours inside the trailer when we did the switch. Cheap battery box on the tongue is now storage for bottle Jack and...
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    Aliner Ponderings and Concerns- 12v refrigerator? Switch to 3-way?

    Same here, I find that popping the roof up a few inches gives me good access to the fridge for preloading. Compressor gets turned on a couple of hours before loading the fridge. Auto switches to 12v when I unplug the trailer in the garage.