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    Lazy Woman's Shelf Mod For a Tiny Trailer

    One thing I did differently was use the rubber crutch tips for the ends of my poles; I'm hoping that they provide enough 'grip' to hold the unit in place.
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    Looks like we joined the club! 93 Coleman Destiny!

    Congratulations! You did get a great deal. I can tell you and your family are going to make lots of happy memories!
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    Any issues with changing the mattress in your pup??

    1" won't make much of a difference. Have you thought about adding an air mattress under your current mattress? It deflates flat (obviously) but will give you a nice cushion; if you keep your current mattress on top it'll cut down on the 'air mattress' feeling. I pulled out our old mattresses...
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    Life is Good t-shirts

    Thank you for posting that! I buy a LIG shirt every year - that's my shirt for this summer!
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    My hubby actually had a creative idea, lol

    Those work great for eggs! I actually crack my eggs into it before leaving home; that way you don't have to worry about cracked shells.
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    Lazy Woman's Shelf Mod For a Tiny Trailer

    Thanks for the feedback! [:D] Between this and my awning mod, DH is impressed with my mad mod skillz. I think the cost came to about $66 total. The shower rods were expensive at Lowes, but I had my kids with me and didn't feel like making another stop!
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    Lazy Woman's Shelf Mod For a Tiny Trailer

    I have a 1991 Coleman Newport which is pretty small on the interior, and I've wanted to do the shelf mod for a while. I was at Lowe's and was inspired by what I saw, so I whipped the shelf mod together with stock supplies - no cutting down of anything and it came together very quickly. I saw a...
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    Question about stocking the inside of the pup

    Yup, we keep ours packed as well. I see you're in Washington - I recommend Dollar Tree for great prices on kitchen utensils, condiments, etc. I got my dishes at Fred Meyer - all of their summer stuff is half off so 4 packs of plastic plates, bowls etc are $1.50 right now! One thing I DIDN'T do...
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    So What Did You Do For Your PUP Today? July 2012

    Made the shelf mod, painted the step with truck bed liner and ordered new tires and wheels from
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    Does anyone have experience with mattress toppers? Latex or memory foam?

    Hi Raincats. I tossed our grotty old mattresses and replaced them with an airbed / 4" memory foam topper. OT is right, the memory foam toppers compress too much to use solo, but on top of an airbed they're heavenly!
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    Awning Question

    Yeah, you are! This was the first time we set up the awning with 'my' mod. That's why it's set up so high, too! DH wa a little skeptical (as you can see in the pic) but he's come around. [A] Our camper is OLD so the awning is a little saggy anyway but dropping the corner does help.
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    Awning Question

    My awning has two attached poles, but what I discovered is that there are two poles missing. So the attached poles actually swing up so that the ends are propped against the roof of the trailer (sort of like lodge poles). I picked up two Coleman tent poles from WalMart (made from 1" wide...
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    Awning tie downs

    I did a similar mod but use clean white 5 gallon plastic buckets, and left about 2" of pipe sticking above the concrete. My awning poles go down to the bottom, and are a snug enough fit that we have to wiggle them to get them out so I don't use a tie-down at all. Easy-peasy way to set up your...
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    Labor Day Weekend 2011 - Are you camping & if so, where?

    We are camping right now at beautiful Kalaloch campground on the Washington coat, but are heading home Friday.
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    New canvas and windows needed

    I had great luck with Bear Creek Canvas - best price, shipped fast, plus had more color options than other places.