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    Help: Best odor remover

    Short Question: Looking for the best options for removing odors caused from rotten food in a camper refrigerator. Short story: Came home from a camping trip, plugged the camper in, thought things were great. Was just going to leave stuff in the fridge/freezer for the next trip 2 weeks later...
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    Building a Bed Step

    Clear coat finish and the piano hinges installed. Kid tested and mother approved.
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    Building a Bed Step

    Since I posed the question almost 3 months ago, I thought I'd report back that I'm making progress on my project. Again, thanks for all the ideas and inspiration.
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    Best hybrid models under 19' and newer than 2012?

    One more to look at: Coachman Clipper 16RBD. Single axle, under 19ft, with a couch and dinette, no slides. I think that checks all your boxes. We upgraded from a popup to a 2015 Coachman Clipper earlier this year. Got it for under 10k.
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    To have a sink or not to have a sink... That is the question.

    I'm voting no sink in favor of usable counter space that is all the same height and less camper weight. Tow weight may not be an issue, but you can shed some pounds by ditching the sink, water heater and holding tanks. We went without a sink for 10 years in our PUP. We opted for curtain rod...
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    Building a Bed Step

    Thanks for the picture. That's more of what I was looking for. Seems like a good use of space. And, I hadn't considered using a piano hinge so double thanks for the idea.
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    Building a Bed Step

    Hello, Was looking to see if anyone has built steps to get up into one of the fold out beds. My floor plan has a gap of space that is somewhat wasted, whose only purpose, from what I can guess, is to facilitate getting into and out of bed. I have a toddler and lets just say it's one big step...
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    RV Ceiling Trim Question

    Hello, I replace the faux crown molding with real wood trim and now have some gaps between the wood trim and the ceiling trim. Googling RV ceiling trim gives me lots of options for plastic snap in trim, but wasn't having luck finding something that matches the ceiling. Was hoping someone here...
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    Sewer Waste Valve Problem

    About a month ago, I purchased a new to me RV. It was winterized when I took possession, so I hadn't paid much attention to the sewer system, beyond going, yep it's there and the dealer telling me everything was in working order. Getting ready to dewinterize and make a maiden voyage in a...
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    Help my popup won't close....

    The fact it wouldn't go up all the way or back down makes it sound like something in the winch & pulley system isn't working right. If you can find a diagram online, you might get under the pup and see if everything checks out. Wouldn't hurt to lubricate the system while you are down there...
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    Camp Site lighting

    The biggest issue with the cheap solar lights is they are like 1 lumens, i.e. not very bright. If you splurge and get ones that are 15 lumens or brighter they might help light your space. Lots of campers now come with an LED strip installed under the awning. You can buy them off amazon and do...
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    Ok, Don't laugh........dumb question

    I think this largely depends on if you plan to boondock or only camp at locations with electric hookups. If you are plugging into shore power, you don't really need a battery while camping. Everything should work without issue when you are plugged in. If boondocking, a battery is used to...
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    Wow - Sold in record time!

    I'm with Rik. I think yes, but it probably won't be until the fall or later. I'd speculate a number of people that have bought during the pandemic will only go camping once or twice and then realize camping isn't for them... And, as cruise ships, theme parks, sporting events, concerts, etc...
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    Rear Passthrough Storage

    Hello, I have a narrow pass-through storage at the back of my hybrid. Has a narrow door on both sides of the camper. It seems to lack in functionality do to the doors width and storage length. Was interested in hearing how others have maximized use of this type of space? Or what sort of stuff...
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    Wow - Sold in record time!

    Sold our 1997 starcraft pop-up a few weeks ago for a thousand more than we paid for it 9 years ago... More than twice the NADA value. Market is crazy. Not often a camper appreciates in value, but if you are gonna sell, now is the time.