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    Hillsborough River State Park

    We enjoy the Hills, especially to do "Tampa" area things like Bush Gardens. The river having rapids is very cool, pretty unusual for Fla. Touring the Fort is also a must if/when they resume them. There are sites of all sizes there, we have never had a shallow one.
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    Campgrounds around Palm Beach - Ft Lauderdale

    JD state park is pretty decent. Campground has a "new" feel and look to it since it was upgraded a few years back after a hurricane. But because of that there is little shade. Kayaking/Canoeing the Loxahatchee river is the main action of that park. If you have the time, do a trip from the local...
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    Campgrounds around Palm Beach - Ft Lauderdale

    Jonathan Dickinson State Park is 20mi north of West Palm Beach, cool place.
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    Cover For South Florida-Help

    I'm in the exact same situation as you with the exact same covers. I've just basically been replacing them under warranty after a year. I buy them on Amazon and they have a one year warranty. I replace them just before the year is up because the FL sun has all but destroyed it by then. 100%...
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    Going to put the Pup up for sale, fix everything or sell as is?

    Didn't consider it, figured I'd get a better deal selling on the side. Dealer is 1300 miles away so it'd be difficult.
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    Going to put the Pup up for sale, fix everything or sell as is?

    Looks like we're moving over to the dark side and will need to sell our pup. It's a 2007 Fleetwood Williamsburg. Have had a blast with it but needs have changed. Trying to decide if we should fix everything wrong on the pup or sell as is. I babied the pup the best I could but still issues...
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    What type of glue to repair rubber gasket seals around door hatches?

    The rubber gaskets around the large door lid and side lid of my campers front storage compartment are coming undone. I'm hoping there is some type of glue out there that can be used to put the rounded edged rubber gasket back in place and stay in place. Any suggestions?
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    Find me a campground!

    There are many great parks that meet your criteria. I prefer the State Parks in FL over private campgrounds, and FL has some really good ones. Bahia Honda and Anastasia top my list, but love Wekiwa Spings, Manatee Springs and Blue Springs as well. As said above, I enjoyed Hillsborough River as...
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    Anastasia State Park -- Tent Camping -- 6/29-7/2

    Love Anastasia but usually try to hit it up in spring and winter. How were the bugs treating you?
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    Roof damage

    I had a similar hole in my roof. Ended up using some 2-part epoxy. I'm happy with the results.
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    Manatee Springs Update

    We gave it a try last year Feb and enjoyed it very much. It is one of the few places here in FL where you are allowed to swim with the manatees. When we were there we had manatees up in the spring every day and we just had to swim with them. Like Chaaalie, typically you would not get me in water...
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    Missing bolts that attach the lift arms to the roof, Fleetwood, where to get?

    I'm assuming the nuts worked themselves loose and that's why I need to replace them. Question is, how much loose do I leave them? Just not snug, or 1/4 inch?
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    Missing bolts that attach the lift arms to the roof, Fleetwood, where to get?

    Yep, looks like what I need is the 1/4 locknuts. Thanks for the heads up. Now, I think I recall reading you shouldn't tighten them up all the way? Anyone heard this before?
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    Missing bolts that attach the lift arms to the roof, Fleetwood, where to get?

    Anyone know what type and size bolt is used to attach the roof to the lift arms on a Fleetwood Americana model 2007? I saw one or two was missing the other day when I had the camper open and it's on my to do list for the next couple of weekends and I want to have the bolts ready. Anybody had to...
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    State Park Question

    I have not, but heard in the past it was a problem. I have been asked for ID at checking before though. Working in IT, I have an idea of how someone out there is using programs to ensure they get their selection in first. But if they are not re-selling it I would find it hard to believe...