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    A-frame Cover

    I use this one pretty happy with it .. expensive though ! It's the Goldline cover
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    no margin for a Honda CT90 ("Trail 90")

    Having been a LEO .. I agree with John & Steve .. put it on the front .. the added plus to that is you can watch it during your travels .. knowing it has not come loose .. more piece of mind .. after thought I had one just like it .. sure wish I had it now...
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    A-frame Cover

    I elected to go with this .. pretty pricey .. claims UV resistant a bit more that others .. we will see how it holds up to this arizona sun and heat ...
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    Toggle / Paracord Tie Down

    The only reason I balk at putting them together is I fear they will be rubbing each other while in transient .. creating a wear or compromising spot on the tank .. maybe I am just over thinking this ... ?
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    Toggle / Paracord Tie Down

    So I need to add the two back Footman Loops on the back side ... the D rings was my first thoughts but the carriage bolts will still sit above the rubber mat .. so it would potentially create a "rub" spot for anything that would set on top of the ring .. if you look close you might be able to...
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    Toggle / Paracord Tie Down

    Here is my problem : I have a Cargo Glide XL1000 mounted in the back of my pickup truck .. I have two 26 gallon water containers that set on the slide .. on the exterior of the slide I have installed Foot Loops to co-inside with the moulded strap channels that are formed in each water container...
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    LED lighting

    Just a suggestion .. wear a pair of disposable gloves when changing out the bulbs so you don't contaminate them with oil from your fingers ... I learned the hard way
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    First and Maybe Last PUP Trip

    The longer you can keep your DD's close the better .. I have one in the Philippines and one in Germany .. I'd buy them Bunks in a heartbeat if they'd come home .. they will be gone before you know it !
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    Any tarp as awninng for any A frame

    Thanks Andrew .. that was the brand I was looking at .. and that was the placement I was thinking about also .. do you have by chance a pic of your set up .. thanks again Glenn
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    Any tarp as awninng for any A frame

    I am curious .. has anyone experimented with the Heavy Duty Suction Cups .. to use as anchoring points on their pup to secure a tarp .. some of these suction cups are being used to carry bike racks .. ?
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    I remember reading a article about bike camping in Florida .. the complaint was mosquitos .. this person claimed he applied Permethrin to his tarp and he was mosquito free .. I have not tried that .. but if I do some type of awning .. I think I'll give it a try .. ?
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    April 2022 - what did you do for your camper?

    I am looking at what type of preventative maintenance I can do to the roof lifting system on our A214HW A-frame .. I have only had it opened a few times .. and it appears to have "rollers or wheels" mounted on the insides of the roof ... that helps compensate for the "drag" as the inside portion...
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    May 2022 - what did you do for your camper?

    I'm trying to bring back the luster to the roof paint .. using a rubbing compound followed up by a liquid waxing .. getting rid of a lot of the oxidation ..
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    May 2022 - what did you do for your camper?

    Is that a Furrion wireless camera ? if so what size screen did you get and how is your reception ? I am looking at doing this also .. Glenn