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    Have you ever "Dressed Up" while camping?

    We camped in South Florida (Jonathan Dickinson SP) for a long weekend to attend our niece's wedding. OMG! It was hot and humid, and I had a hard time trying to put on my formal wear. Everything that touched my skin was sticking! We still had a great time but were happy to get into A/C'd rooms...
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    Remember PECO Campers?

    PECO had a great operation with sales, service, accessories and then they sold out. I asked today on a Facebook group if anyone had knowledge of the daughter opening the same business. She and her husband, the former service manager at PECO, started Camp Oaks RV & Outdoors in Dahlonega, GA, fo...
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    Looking for a portable potty.

    What we used in our old PUP was this: Camco (41541) Portable Travel Toilet-Designed for Camping, RV, Boating and Other Recreational Activities-5.3 Gallon by Camco It's on Amazon for information, but Amazon is sold out. This 5 gallon size was tall enough for an adult to sit on with no problem...
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    Microwave or toaster oven?

    We hardly use our microwave and we have an oven in our TrailManor; however, there are many times that a toaster oven with convection would be great to have.
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    Water pump blowing fuses

    Have you changed the anode in the line? That's what was making our fuse blow. Good luck with finding the problem.
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    How are you preventing theft? (my sad story inside)

    As a follow up to my previous suggestion for a wheel boot, I went back to look for something to lock the hitch that I researched a few years back when we would be leaving our camper out in clear view at Jonathan Dickinson Park (FL) and I was worried about theft. It was impossibe to get the lock...
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    How are you preventing theft? (my sad story inside)

    Sorry for your loss. As you mentioned Amazon has a lot of wheel locks/boots. Read the size of the boot specs (different tire sizes), and then read the reviews. Since your camper was stolen by just chains towing it off, a hitch lock wouldn't be useful. Here's one that looked decent. Good luck...
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    St. George Island

    We'll be headed there with fellow campers in mid-November and got the last 2 sites that covered the weekend. Sounds like the Trivago commercial! Others coming could only get Thurs. & Fri. and Mon. & Tues., so our potluck definitely won't be Saturday night. Great review and I know we will have a...
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    AirStream Popup - a grand idea?

    Try a TrailManor! [8D]
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    When do you place Reservations?

    I booked four reservations the other day after seeing how many sites all over Georgia, Alabama, and Florida are reserved. One was easy to get and is for April - Hamburg State Rec Area (GA), harder to fit in was June - Manatee Springs SP (FL), really hard to get 5 nights with a weekend in July -...
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    Pup FNG has arrived!

    Congratulations and much happiness. Make new memories together and happy camping!
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    Starcraft/CampingWorld Warranty Headache

    Good luck and hope this solution will get your claims fixed as they should have been!
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    Do you ever feel like a 2nd class citizen in a PUP?

    If you want redemption, camp at Cloudland Canyon. There were more PUPS and tents than I've seen in a long time and it wasn't a rally either.
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    So, what did you do for you camper this month? October 2016

    Went a TrailManor Rally in Tennessee then cleaned out the perishables, sheets, and cleaning supplies. Cleaned the interior and put anti-freeze down the drains. We're not camping [:(] for the winter this year but saving money for a big trip overseas. Will de-winterize when we get back and hope...
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    What imprinted you? What are you imprinting?

    Well, Orchid, we seemed to always get a site before lunch time but mainly still in the morning. I wouldn't take that chance nowadays!

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