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    Easy way to set up and take down awning?

    i unrolled the awning with the roof partway up - set the rafter and leg poles and then finished lifting the roof. once up, tied it down really secure because once it was set - it was staying until i broke camp. Reverse the process to stow it - lower roof part way and roll it up. the roof was...
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    Major Oopsie

    yeah - i start thinking i need gas at 1/2 tank....but i burn gas at a faster rate than you do with my hybrid (quarter tank an hour) so unless i know the campground is within an hour when i hit the 1/2 tank....i am looking to fuel up. (but then we also tend to need a leg stretch/bathroom break...
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    Major Oopsie

    showing up and finding out i have the wrong date is a fear of mine - along with running out of gas. now you will have me triple checking my next trip.....
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    September 2022 - what did you do for your camper?

    There is also a Wet and Forget Outdoor - i use it on the camper awning (and i also used it on the house siding) ....I cleaned the awning, sprayed on the Wet and Forget and let it great.
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    Clearing water lines when taking down

    I forgot to mention, you should set the water heater to bypass mode when you do this. if you do not, then the water heater will drain when you open the low point valves and any bits of crude (like anode rod bits) - will travel into the lines and possibly clog the faucets.
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    Clearing water lines when taking down

    you are not draining the water lines, so open the low point drains once you have the faucets turned on. you may also consider turning on the water pump briefly to blow water out of the lines.
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    Avalon tank monitor not working

    I usually don't depend much on the tank sensors - i have a 30 gal grey and we just go ahead and dump every other day - it is not full but the tote is only 26 gal - and even if i could fit the whole 30 gal in, that is too much weight for me to move the tote to the car. So I just settle for more...
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    What was your first camper you had?

    my folks had a early 1960s something Shasta trailer. one with the wings and a orange strip down the side. they bought it in the early 70s, so it was about 10 years old. they towed it with a 4 door Buick Skylark. I remember that the gas tank fill tube was behind the back tag - which was blocked...
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    Intake for RV anti-freeze in my PUP?

    camco makes a hand pump for just this purpose. i used it when i had my HW277.
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    Clam Venture

    Agree, the regular netting can block some of the wind. we have set up a box fan if it gets too warm in the clam. our clam came with side panels attached, we usually have them rolled up and don't use them too often. The one place we use the clam the most is a private campground where the sites...
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    Finally brought one home! (SE PA)

    that late in the year, the swimming area will be closed. There is water activities such as kayak, canoe and fishing. Biking around the campground is nice - not too hilly. There is hiking and frisbee/disc golf (there are 2 18-hole courses). Check out the park online for some of the programs...
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    Finally brought one home! (SE PA)

    welcome!! The electric stuff near water is a common thing. our entire converter and distribution panel in our previous HW277 popup camper was just below the city water inlet and the water filter (which is known to bust/leak).... you bet i bypassed that water filter. looks like we will be at...
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    What's been your biggest camping issue to-date? (equip, breakdown, etc.)

    i hit a deer on the way to the campground. the front grill hit the deer in the hip - deer ran off. Not too bad, or so i thought. anyway, we go on down the road, no warnings on the dash but i would get a whiff every so often of something hot. We get to the campground and when i pull into our...
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    Forest River/Rockwood Highwall - Hw277

    congratulations, have many happy outings with it - we had a blast with our HW277, we had it 6 years before we move on to our hybrid.