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    Shaking a propane refrigerator (or not)

    Sorry I took so long to reply. The f lol ame works fine no signs of corrosion it just doesn't cool. What made me suspect a blockage is one trip it cooled very well. I have not been all that careful to level it but will try that next.
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    Shaking a propane refrigerator (or not)

    Sorry if this post sounds a little flaky but We have an old (85) starcraft galaxy that has a small propane refrigerator that does not work. I was told that sometimes the problem is that an orifice gets blocked and you can make them start working again my removing it turning it upside down and...
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    My cover solution. 1 Year Update

    Really like this. I was going to make a bow shed but this is much less work. I hear good reports on bill board tarps so I may try that.
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    Replacing floor this week. Some advice please...

    Rather than using indoor/outdoor carpet, I chose to use a carpet remnant from the local Lowe's. I made a pattern by hot glueing cardboard strips together around the baseboard and then used it as a pattern to cut it out. It looked fantastic until the first wet camping trip and then I had to...
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    How to remove the winch from the trailer frame?

    removing the bolts that hold the winch on was a real pain as I recall. I think I wound up clamping an open end wrench to the frame to keep the bolts from turning. I felt a sense of accomplishment when I got it all done but I recall it was a week before I could walk straight.
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    How to remove the winch from the trailer frame?

    I had the same problem a couple of years ago and I fixed it and I can assure you that it is an ugly job. As I recall you have to remove a bushing on the far side of the winch and push it through so the long piece will clear the frame. There should be a set screw in the collar that holds the...
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    Homemade Highwall?!

    There is a post in roof repairs where the owner just made a higher roof, If you did that you could install a taller fridge. I took the lazy way out. I closed the camper up and crawled inside and measured the distance from the floor to the ceiling between the beds and found a fridge that just...
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    How far can I drill into the roof, 1985 STarcraft for hanging storage

    I have an 85 Starcraft also and have pondered the same thing but it seems to me a better place to install the bolts would be in the two beams that run across the camper to support the air conditioner.
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    Caulking after painting

    I am fixing to paint my old camper and have decided that the best way to do it is to mask off a panel at a time. I have noticed that there is a black gook at the edges of every panel which I assume is some kind of caulk or putty. I would like to scrape this stuff off, clean the residue with...
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    Painting the exterior

    I once received a tip that has worked very well for varnishing and I do not see why it would not work on paint as well. Put on 2 or three coats with a brush or short nap roller, lightly sand and tack the surface with a tack cloth and then put on the light finish coat with a spray can. Hardware...
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    85 Coleman Royale resto mod!

    Where did you get the aluminum and how much does it cost?
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    Paint codes

    I have a 1985 Starcraft Galaxy that I would like to dress up by repainting the original colors. Does anyone know where I can find the original paint codes so that I can get some paint mixed up?
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    Awning Cant Take the Breeze

    I have an 85 Starcraft Galaxy and it has the original awning. I have problems with it coming unfastened at highway speeds since it does not have a bag cover. Does anyone know of a way to containt it (bag, etc. I am not sure how I could attach a back since the awning is in the "c" channel...