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    Weight distribution hitch or no?

    I have a WDH, but you really need to make sure your camper tongue is built to handle it. Otherwise you risk bending it. If you examine it and it is a "C" channel that's not good for a WDH. And most if not all 2K pop ups are not built for one.
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    Took the pop-up plunge

    Glad you found your way over here and hopefully you have found the group here helpful. Now all we need is spring to appear.
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    Yellowstone Camping Question

    We stayed in Grand Tetons Colter Bay because of better sites, reservable, and a very nice lodge/restaurant. Day tripping around Yellowstone isn't that hard from there.
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    Mid Sized SUVs With 6 Cylinders

    CVT transmission. I wouldn't.
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    Mid Sized SUVs With 6 Cylinders

    The Toyota 4 Runner is the most reliable in that class by a long shot and I say that as a Honda fan. The Honda Pilot can be OK if you disable the Variable Cylinder Management (VCM) prior to the engine developing oil consumption issues and the same would be true of the Acura MDX. The Chevrolet...
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    2007 Fleetwood Bayside front storage box (painting)

    I have painted plastic deck chairs successfully many times which should be similar. Use a good degreasing surface prep then use rattle can paint that is specifically formulated for plastic. I have had no trouble with adherence or flaking with those steps.
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    Amazon Pricing Games

    Interesting that Walmart is much better to their vendors than Amazon as my experience has been Walmart is pretty bad.
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    Driving with my 2017 Nissan Rogue and our pup.

    +1 for the Rouge having a CVT. Putting it in manual mode doesn't really do anything besides hold it in the current final drive ratio and force the engine RPMs up. Do you know if it has an external transmission fluid cooler on it? If not I would seriously consider it as I suspect towing makes...
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    Recommend me a Pop-Up being towed by a Wrangler

    Yep, which is why worrying about frontal area calculations for a pup is unnecessary. The TV has already moved the air and the pup follows along in the draft. That's why I had no problem pulling my 3,500 lb pup with my Honda Odyssey, but struggled pulling a U-Haul trailer at 1/2 that weight.
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    Recommend me a Pop-Up being towed by a Wrangler

    You can ignore the frontal area issue for a pop up. It only comes into play on trailers that are wider or taller than the tow vehicle. A pop up adds virtually no additional wind resistance to the towing equation, so as long as you are within the weight limits you are good to go.
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    Insulation advice

    +1 for a waste of time. 95% of heat gain/loss will come from the canvas. If this were a hard side trailer or even an a-frame it would be different, but not on a canvas top pup.
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    Vinyl/Canvas patch kits

    Ebay or Amazon - search for tent patch. Kits for canvas and vinyl come up.
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    Grounding a Generator - Anyone do this??

    As a general rule a portable generator is self grounding. When appliances are plugged directly into the generator or via an extension cord then additional grounding isn't necessary, but if you try to get fancy and run it through the shore power of the camper then you really should drive a rod...
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    Planning a cross-country trip summer of 2021

    Definitely a really good once over of the pup. IMO brand new tires including the spare unless the spare is less than 5 years old. Good inspection of the bearings and a re-pack with fresh grease. And lastly for the pup new stop/tail/turn bulbs even if there hasn't been any issues. The last...