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    Hard side not dark side

    After traveling from my home in S TX to Bismark ND and that coldness this month and then later to the East Coast b4 getting home I finally convinced myself to buy a TT. Note: I do have "gizmos" over the beds and they worked just great keeping it warm. A big plus is that the dealership let me...
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    Clueless campers

    I haven't seen this with the littering at campsites, especially those leaving their campfire burning after they left. I must be lucky.
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    on the road again

    I did just that. Beautiful country up there. I went to the East Coast area though and now am snowed in. Just what I wanted. Just a few more days here and its home I go. It was a good thing I had some foresight and stopped for groceries first lol because the next day that snow came down. Its so...
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    Summer Humidity: Keeping Bedding Dry?

    wow. never had those probs and never knew about it. but good info to know. I use a full hook up site mostly and leave a fan on with my windows closed. Works for me so far with no probs. Am searching for a TT but so far I dont like the floor plans and/or the bunk beds which they tend to sell here...
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    on the road again

    Went traveling around Bismark and outter cities. Beautiful area btw. I found a nice large RV Sales company and took a look around. WOW. Now I want a TT. But am worried about warranty work if needed since a lot of shops wont work on things if you didnt buy it from them. Guess I could have it...
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    An almost tempting TT

    I have also been looking to the darkside...thinking its time to trade up. Just have not found the right size yet or floor plan that I like
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    on the road again

    shi... its 1 degree here in Bismark, ND. damn I'm cold...this aint no 60 degree weather. whoever knew it could get this cold. OMG. not to worry its warming up to 15 degrees later today. Now where is the snow lol. Its just a good thing that I bought some of those what I call "gizmos" to cover my...
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    on the road again

    wow after a long drive I made it to Bismark N Dakota (KOA) from TN. what a long arse drive also. what a wrong move. its 8 degrees here but everything on the hook up works. they r expecting snow this week btw. I'd send pics but this old tight wad has a broken camera on my cell. lol I'll get a new...
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    on the road again

    Widower here and no children at home now so I loaded up and drove from S TX (Corpus Christi) to TN and had a fantastic time for a week. Now that I heard there was snow coming further up north I'll be on the road again shortly. I hope I get snowed in, just surfing now to find a site that should...
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    Weber vs Blackstone

    For me its a Weber only. I dont know why though. Maybe its because I only use coals, mesquite, apple woods when I use it. Afterwards I just spray it down with oven cleaner, place it in large garbage bag and rinse it off when I get home.
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    Rainy Days

    crap camp in S Texas it seldom rains here lol
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    Screen Room

    been thinking about getting a screen room since I'm tired of using "OFF" spray and those bugs buzzing by me ears. OMG In the meantime I've been using "raid insect spray" but you get tired of that smell. Now when I go out camping, I use citronella torches and the table candles. Works for me. But...
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    Why go camping if you're afraid of the dark?

    but the lights look so pretty
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    My November freeze out

    Being from S Tx its too long of a drive for this widower to get to other states at my age. Best I can do is a 4 hr drive to the Garner State park. Lots of space between sites btw. I always use the hook up sites. Got to have my a/c. Haven't seen snow in so long. And would love a freeze out and...
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    Recommendations for generator

    I use the 3000w Honda generator. Its pretty quite, I think in the 50db range which is like the same as normal conversation. Its expensive though ($2k) but well worth it. I run mine in the summer at night for the a/c and fridge when boondocking. What ever genny you get also remember to buy items...