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    Smell Stinks Bad

    Having owned several old campers, I would first remove all of the "soft goods" - cushions, curtains, anything fabric or foam. Put those in your house and close the camper for a few days. Open it up- does it still smell? If the answer is no - it's your foam or fabric. If still yes, wipe down...
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    Introduction, Hey Everyone

    Welcome from scenic Vermont!
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    Not so peaceful night

    There is one campground we frequent that has a very bold raccoon population. They will even drag your cooler onto the woods to work on later, if it is too hard to open immediately. We keep a very clean camp, but it does serve as a reminder when you walk by a campsite strewn with wrappers and...
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    2015 Vermont Fall Foliage Rally Sept. 25 - 27

    I know you will manage to have fun without us *sniff* [:D] We are bummed to miss this rally. We also missed the Fisherman's rally, our Acadia trip, and the Apache Northeast round-up, not to mention a few other scheduled things locally.
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    2015 Vermont Fall Foliage Rally Sept. 25 - 27

    The weather forecast looks great for the whole weekend! Ball Mountain Dam is an awesome project. Don't forget that Jamaica State Park is just a few minutes down the road. You can park there and walk the rail trail along the river - beautiful! It is not steep from the Jamaica side of the trail...
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    Value of the popup trailer

    My vintage pup isn't worth anything like what I have into it. I think it is three different questions: 1. What does NADA value it at? 2. What do I value it at? 3. What would someone else pay for it?
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    Rain camping in a pop up?

    Rainy days can sometimes produce the best memories! Just be sure to bring a few games and/or activities and special snacks to while away the hours. It can be a special time away from the routine you normally keep, no one has to be anyplace except where they are. A bit of rain camping can be a...
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    2015 Vermont Fall Foliage Rally Sept. 25 - 27

    It's nature - no guarantees. You could just drive a little to a higher elevation or area that turns sooner, there's always pockets of color that are more advanced.That's where the map comes in handy. We thought Winhall was great at this same time last year. Since different trees change at...
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    2015 Vermont Fall Foliage Rally Sept. 25 - 27

    We have had amazingly beautiful summer-like weather for most of the past month. Fortunately, foliage color is primarily driven by the length of the day, plus temperature and moisture. IMHO, peak foliage is reliably SOMEWHERE in Vermont the first week of October. [:)C] I personally like...
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    2015 Vermont Fall Foliage Rally Sept. 25 - 27

    ... of course there *is* that pesky algae problem Carmi is having... We are steadfast Vermont SP campers, but we were pleasantly surprised by Winhall. The water release is a very cool event and Jamaica SP is completely packed.
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    First time out lessons learned

    Our Apache does not have a furnace so our fall camping here in Vermont is limited to sites with hook-ups. I always carry a few of those handwarmers along to be on the safe side. [:)C]
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    Resewing the seams on the canvas.

    You may want to carefully check the zippers too. A lot of the soft-sided Apaches (canvas) of that era have zipper problems related to age.
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    Moving your pop up by hand

    We use our floor jack to maneuver around inside the garage. It works beautifully! Of course, our camper is pretty light. [:D]
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    2015 - Annual Rhode Island Rally

    In case anyone needs it, we are releasing our site today. It's site 32, area 2, Thursday to Sunday.
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    2015 - Annual Rhode Island Rally

    Last year we went into Galilee for an entire day. They were having a festival of some sort, with "Open House" on many of the fishing boats. We saw a packing/sorting shed, toured several boats, saw explanations of fishing tools and types of fish caught, there were many interactive events at...