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    Water pump question

    Call Starcraft and ask for Bob in Warranty/Customer Service. He is amazing and always will to help with advice. Best of luck.
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    Bring along a portable DVD player to ammuse the kids. A TV ; television not a tow vehicle is overkill. A portable DVD player can be stored anywhere out of sight.
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    2007 Starcraft 2407

    Did you buy it? We have a 2005 2407 and we love it.
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    refrigerator or cooler? What should we know?

    I second the 3 way fridge. Runs on AC when camping with access to electrical Runs on propane when dry camping Runs on 12V DC (supplied by TV) when driving Can't stress enough to precool the fridge ... plug the camper in the night before you leave and set the fridge to AC. The 3 way fridges...
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    Just getting started

    Don't get GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) and towing capacity mixed up. When you're towing a trailer, remember that the entire weight of the trailer is not considered to be a part of your vehicle's GVW; however, the tongue weight -- the weight of the part of the trailer that actually...
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    2005 Starcraft 2407

    We have a 2005 Starcraft 2407 and we love it! Great camper for a family with kids ... lots of room for rainy days. Best of luck with your purchase.
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    Stabilizers~ Up or Down before cranking up roof?

    Here is a little saying to help you remember the correct order: UpDownUpDown Up (Roof) Down(Stabilizers) UP(Stabilizers) Down(Roof) Sounds silly but it saves you checking the manual first time out in the season. Regards.
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    Hitch-ground clearance

    Altough you want a minimum clearance from the ground; once your above that minimum what you really need to make sure is that you PUP is close to level. If anything you want the tounge slightly lower than the tail (but not by much). What you should do is level the PUP on level ground, measure...
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    Has anyone Installed a window A/c in the pup?

    Not sure if this will work since these A/Cs are sized to cool 400-600 sq ft. The A/C needs to run long enough to remove the humidity from the air. I'll be interested to see if anyone has tried this. PUP: 2005 Starcraft 2407 TV : 2005 Pacifica Contents: 1 Wife, 1 Son and a lot of toys :-)
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    Brake Controllers

    I'm not new to camping (far from it), but I'm new to electric brakes. What type of brake controller should I get Electronic or Inertia-activated. I have been told to stay away from timer based as they don't react fast enough in an emergency. I'm leaning toward an Inertia-activated system as I'm...