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    FULLY RESTORED 81' Starcraft Starlite 1505 xl

    Thanks for all the comments guys! Still got lots of interior work to start on and I am contemplating replacing the canvas as well.
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    So, what did you do for your camper, August 2012?

    I got EVERYTHING for mine lol. Yours looks amazing. I really enjoy the awning work and the aluminum plating you got at the front there :) congrats!
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    Night time pup pics?

    Its a little dark but it is at night time. [PUC] [PUT]
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    Our rig in Korea (soon to upgraded...)

    Great looking set up bud! keep up the good camping. [PUC] [TV]
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    St. Malo

    I hear St. Malo is very good? I also hear Lilac has been completely redone and is has hot tubs and many fun activities for adults. Thoughts?
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    FULLY RESTORED 81' Starcraft Starlite 1505 xl

    Thats great! Do you have any pictures I could look at? I am always curious to see what other people's 1505xl look like [RTM]. I am going to put up more picture onto my webshot account. I have about 35 before and after photos! I haven't started on the interior yet but from what I saw just...
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    FULLY RESTORED 81' Starcraft Starlite 1505 xl

    Before: After: Brand new: Paint job, wheels, caulking, reflective stickers, light bulbs, locks, patch work on roof, a-frame jack. Bearings are freshly greased. Let me know what you guys think :)