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    New member from southern California

    Welcome from the Bay Area
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    Deal Of The Century

    That's a dickering deal. Congrats and nice touch to send the thank you notes, good for you.
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    I am sad to report that.....

    It's already sold
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    I am sad to report that.....

    Getting an older model or something cheaper wasn't the issue. The pup has been paid off since day 1. I was just having a hard time storing all year long in the garage (I have no side yard parking and too cheap to pay for storage). It's just that for just a few trips a year I'll rent an rv...
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    I am sad to report that.....

    I listed on Craigslist for $11,500 and got $11,000 CASH. I only listed a little lower on the forum on accident but would have honored it anyway. Gotta love livin in Cali.....everything is expensive
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    I am sad to report that.....

    [:(] It is with deep sadness that I have to say goodbye to my 08 Fleetwood Arcadia. As much as I would have liked to keep it, I don't think it made sense to keep it anymore for just a couple trips per year. The money will go toward paying off the rest of the Suburban which will help out greatly...
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    Oregon Coast?

    At the Northern most coast of Oregon is Fort Stevens State Park. We went to the pup rally there a few years ago and what a fantastic place. The campground is clean, large and has friendly staff. There is a fresh water lake to do some fishing or the coast is just a short couple mile drive. You...
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    Hello from West Texas

    Welcome from NorCal, San Francisco Bay Area
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    Pick one.... Pointless forum game

    Hulk I do NOT want camping next to me..... Loud neighbors or Rude neighbors
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    Finally found One

    Welcome from NorCal, San Francisco Bay Area
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    I Have Gone Grey

    Nice crib
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    Hey all I'm Ben

    Welcome from NorCal San Francisco Bay Area
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    The Music Game

    Down Boys Warrant Warrant - Down Boys
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    What's your itinerary this year?

    June/July Yellowstone without the trailer, staying at Old Faithful Cabins July Pinecrest Lake August Lodgepole, never been there but I hear it's nice.