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    Folding Wagons - recommendations?

    Here are a couple of possibilities that I don't think have been mentioned yet. I use a water bladder in the back of my suv: While I don't use it for hauling water, I do use a game cart to haul my camera gear. The wheels are removable.
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    Spring opening

    Fortunately, we got your temps on Saturday, too. I'm headed to Austin, TX, to visit family next week, and wanted to have a shakedown first. I made a reservation in Nashville, TN (I figured it waould be a bit warmer, and it's just a 4-hour drive), but the forecast improved so much that I switched...
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    Show me what you've done with interior lights (etc.).

    I know this is an old thread, but my approach is different. I used bi-color, dimmable, LED strip lights. I tied the controller directly into the lighting circuit wiring around the roof. Since I bought 2 kits, I have 2 controllers. One lives just inside the door so I can turn lights on/off as I...
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    Step Stool

    We got this step trainer to use in a campground that had a fairly high platform for us to pitch our tent. It was perfect when we got the PUP. I checked Amazon, and similar ones are about &25 - $30. A narrower one was about $20.
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    2018 Jayco Sport 12SC

    I have a 2018 12SC. The lift is a standard Goshen lift. Plenty of parts around. There were many little things wrong, but I'm an advanced DIYer, so there hasn't been anything beyond my ability. I recommend looking at the joint between the front wall and the tounge basket (if that's your design)...
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    ECLIPSES OF 2023 & 2024 - Have you started making plans?

    Of course I have. I'm doing a location scout this summer. Already praying for clear skies.
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    Outside propane grill

    I love my $130 Pit Boss. I replaced the regulator hose with a quick disconnect fitting, and got a quick disconnect extension hose to connect to the PUP. It works like a champ!
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    Furnace does not ignite

    Lots of folks will likely agree that the most likely problem here is an issue with the sail switch. The startup sequence causes the blower to start, but if the sail switch doesn't register that air movement is sufficient for combustion then the furnace aborts the ignition process. I just had...
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    Explain the Anderson levelers, please

    While not an issue for many PUPs, BAL levelers are only designed to work on single axle trailers up to a certain weight.
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    Question about Nylon/ plastic camper curtain tabs

    A hand leather sticher would work. The manufacturer has heavy-duty sewing equipment to attach the tabs quickly, but really only a couple of stiches are needed for lightweight curtains.
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    Towing weight limit with Forester. what can I tow?

    The US map in my signature shows where I've pulled my Jayco 12SC (from Indianapolis) over the last 2 years with my Subaru Outback (3000# towing / 300# tongue weight limit - CVT transmission). Rhode Island is also filled in, but you can hardly see it. I suppose it could break down on my way home...
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    Two Propane Tank Set Up

    Recommend brad-point drill bits.
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    Anyone know where I can get a pull-out trash can to fit under my sink?

    nickap, this drawing is looking from the end. The structure is a bottom & 2 short sides. The drawer slides connect to both sides, and the shelf connects between the slides. All of the wood is 1/2 Baltic birch plywood. I use pre-finished plywood from Menards, so I only have to finish the edges. I...
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    Anyone know where I can get a pull-out trash can to fit under my sink?

    What I don't like about this is the space it wastes. It only uses 13" front to back, leaving 9" unused. If you're handy, you could mount a couple of full-extension drawer slides on short risers with a shelf, and attach that to the bottom of your cabinet. You'll use nearly all of your available...
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    Backup Plans / Just in Case Equipment

    This device let's you use 1 lb bottles if you empty your 20 lb tank in the middle of grilling your steak, or potentially freezing your but off. Search steak saver on Amazon.