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    Got the modding itch but can't scratch it

    I have to wait until the yard my camper is stored at to dry just so that I can get it home, once home, I will be fixing it's lift cable, opening her up, and starting my modifications lol
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    Garage Sale- Camping Wish List

    my wish list is about a mile long lol, but some things are globes for my lanterns, coleman white gas to propane adapter, 2 sleeping bags for my boys, LED lights for the door area of the camper, light weigh fire pit...
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    Fam of 6 takes too much stuff camping. Help us please!

    I usually pack enough under clothing and shirts for every day that I am out, a few pairs of shorts, and a couple pairs of pants. Another space saving idea is to use extra large slide ziplock bags, put your clothes in it, roll it up to press out all the air, and seal. I packed 2 weeks of clothes...
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    How to remove old seam tape?I've

    I'd say goo gone, but would be hesitant about using it on the tent material, there might be something made to remove pine pitch from a tent, I don't see why something like that won't work
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    REcycling paper for logs!

    I'll probably use them to start the fire in the morning then. But I keep getting odd ball suggestions about keeping the chimney clean during burning season, one was the throw in a block of wax/boy of crayons, another was to climb onto the roof and gently run a tow chain around the inside of the...
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    I have a sportsman 2000 watt dual fuel generator that has a 12 volt 8 amp charger built in. I bought it so that I could use my 12 volt 6 amp charger while camping, and was really happy to see the 12 volt 8 amp charger built in. It isn't to noisy, but for $200 I could not complain lol.
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    Stinking mothballs and chipmunks

    Rodents are adapting to our methods of keeping them out, might be time to build a better mouse trap/deterrent.
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    REcycling paper for logs!

    A few types of logs I want to try to make are the news paper logs, and coffee ground logs. Though the paper log instructions I saw said soak the paper for a day or two, then use a paint mixer to chop it up some, then pour the mixture into a press and squeeze the heck out of it. Then free from...
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    Portable AC solved after 4 years...I hope!

    I would suggest something besides hot glue, it tends to breakdown when it gets wet (a few homemade RC boats taught me that), but it looks like you could use a dryer hose to feed the cold air into your camper, maybe even look at adding a pipe that feeds through an access door outside into the...
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    Question for the experts about installing permanent multimeter

    I have the same voltage meter, I bought it so that I could quickly check the state of charge on my riding mower. I ended up installing a car aux port in my mowers so that I can easily charge the battery, and run an air compressor in case my tires get low. I am thinking about doing the same on...
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    Cheap Mousehole Repair - No sewing!

    It's a repair after my own heart, "It may not be pretty, but it's functional"
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    Forest River Rockwood 2318G - odometer

    I do have to say, it would be interesting to see what the mileage on camper trailer is, look back of all the miles you traveled together.
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    Bought Pop up with no Title - Eek!

    I've also seen there are ways to register a trailer/vehicle in another state, Connecticut is having an issue with it. In Connecticut, if you owe back property taxes, you cannot register your vehicle/trailer until the bill is paid. The State is beginning to see a lot of Maine plates popup down...
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    Bought Pop up with no Title - Eek!

    In Maine, as long as the trailer weighs under 2000 lbs, you can register it without a title, just need a bill of sale with the vin number, make and model on it. I just went through this, and almost had to try to apply for a title, cause my brother in law, previous owner, had it registered all...
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    How many times have you read your owners manual?

    I'd love to but the closest thing I have found is a manual for a 1994 scamper popup trailer/ truck popup in hoping that it's close enough, or that the previous owner left it in the camper