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    FS: Coleman Camp Coffee Maker

    Excellent condition. Use over camp or camper stove. Located near Manchester NH. $45/BRO
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    2000 Dutchmen Voyager wiring diagram needed

    Trying to help out a friend. He got the above PUP and it needs some elec work. He has called Dutchmen and got no where for help. Thank you in advance!
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    How Do You Keep Squirrels Away

    YouTube search "squirel launcher". You're welcome
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    New Pup in the Pup!

    Hello Quincy!
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    New Pup in the Pup!

    Thrilled to announce a new member of our family... we have adopted a Black Lab from a rescue organization and she'll be delivered to us next weekend from the mid-west. We lost our most loyal and loving 14 yo Chocolate Lab several months ago and the house hasn't been the same since. The last...
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    2014 - Fishermen's State Park - Discussion Thread

    Hello everyone. Sorry to say that I have to back out of this get-together. The good news for anyone interested is that site #21 should now available so grab it quick. Hoping we can meet up with you all at another gathering soon.
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    Vermont anyone?

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    Hi from Ma.

    Welcome! Metro-Wester here. Enjoy the Portal!
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    MA - Pine Acres

    We just spent Memorial Day weekend there and re-booked for same site next year. It overlooked the lake and was quiet and dark at night. We loved all they had to offer and especially the way the activities area is all in the same part of the park. I'll agree with the OP about the size of the...
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    So, what did you do for your camper, May 2014

    Ordered an A-Frame jack kit to replace my side-mount swing away style so I can install my WDH.
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    So, what did you do for your camper, May 2014

    Logged in the Portal for the first time in a while. Crazy winter and schedule here for me so it's nice to be back!! Got our PUP opened up the other day, flushed the anti-freeze from the water lines, cleaned out the hot water tank and got a new anode rod, filled the tires, checked the lights...
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    New England Favs?

    What routes do you plan to take? What style of campground are you looking for?
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    This may be the last of my camping.

    So sad to read this. I'll dedicate my first campfire and fireside libation to you Wayne.
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    Your go-to DO meals?

    "DO" Dutch Oven
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    I'm sorry to say that the owner must have selective memory, because I spoke directly with her at check out, explaining the whole situation and our disatissfaction, only to get her shrugged shoulders and an "oh well, sorry". The office in no way made an effort to rectify the situation on either...