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    Replacing ceiling on 1993 Coleman Destiny

    what did you glue it with? most glues will eat thes styrofoam. ive been reading the glues and they often say dont use on foam board
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    Slipping or missing gear tooth when raising/lowering

    im not sure if its the same or not, but I found out that the pin that holds the "tooth" for the ratchet was compromised. this caused the tooth to be out of alignment and only catch on one corner. This would make it skip every once and a while, then eventually this caused a complete failure of...
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    roof and ceiling repair (aluminum shell, Styrofoam, then plywood)

    hi all, I found a soft spot in the ceiling, upon inspection, there was a lot of hidden damage and had to pull all the plywood down. there is just a couple of spots left that are paper thin because of the glue. I searched these forums, but still have some questions/clarifications I think...