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    Here's somethin' ya don't see every day... thoughts?

    That was Firepit's site. The neighbors were the ones who put up the barriers
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    Pics from last trip

    I bet it was more fun coming down the mountains too
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    No More Camping For Me

    db, did you try a few drops of 3-in-1 oil down the pump mechanism on your lantern? That's all it usually takes. I have 4 coleman lanterns. Oldest is 1948 model.I like to collect them.
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    Plugging Roof Holes ABS

    1999 Coleman Utah. ABS Roof. PO installed bike racks. The bolts go all the way thru the roof. Roof coating is cracked and is delaminating. Will be replacing coating as soon as outside temps are more constant. Plan to use GG. My question is what do I plug the holes from the bike racks with. All...
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    Newbie question about needing trailer brakes

    If the brakes are installed, why not use them. Matter of safety.
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    Taking delivery...

    My only opinion is make them fix anything that is not functioning properly. Once you leave the lot with your camper you will go on the dealers repair schedule. You may have to wait weeks to get the items repaired. They seem to have a whole bucket full of excuses as to why the can't fix...
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    Is it Just me?

    Happy B-day DW.
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    Looking at a 1996 Coleman Fleetwood

    On my 99 Coleman Utah once the hairline cracks started around the edges of my ABS top they all spread quickly during the next year. The cracks got much wider and longer. ABS will be replaced later this month. If you use epoxy on the cracks I believe it could make the inevitable removal of your...
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    Brake Controller...?

    Well, just go ahead and hook them up to the brake lights on your TV or trailer. Sounds like you already have it figured out.
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    Just Bought our First Pop-up

    Welcome and congrats on camper.
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    Hello from AL!

    Thanks for joining us. You will love this portal. Welcome from NC.
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    Camper- Curious in Coastal Texas

    What Toed said, and welcome from NC.
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    1995 Viking Project

    There are threads on the home page that that covers lift systems. They should help point you in the right direction to help you get started. Be sure to include make and model of camper and all appliances when requesting advice. (i.e. Domestic Refrigerator. Model-4567). Pictures are also a big...
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    Hi, my name is Dean, I have a 1990 Coleman Sequoia

    Welcome to the portal from NC.