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    1 Lb. Propane tanks.

    Been using this to refill the 1 pound tanks, and just relieve some air from the Schrader valve to get them full. For nine bucks this is hard to beat. DOZYANT Propane Refill Adapter, LP Gas Cylinder Tank Coupler - Fits QCC1 / Type1 Propane Tank and 1 lb Throwaway Disposable Cylinder Propane...
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    Can't belive all the stuff I loaded up for this trip!

    Great thing is a lot of that (cookware) stays in the camper compared to the old days of tent camping. [CK]
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    Wireless/battery tool systems for the camper?

    Ditto/ 500W inverter not requiring generator.
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    October 2021 - what did you do for your camper

    Added front Ball stabilizers, and main battery kill switch to top of battery box.
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    Exterior LED strip light placement? Under the Canopy or someplace else...

    Under & inside switch was easy & inexpensive via Amazon.
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    This worked well for my CPAP needing 24V to run: Eliminate the power robbing 120V to 12V. Purchased a small 12V to 24V step-up transformer chip- extremely efficient, can run all week. Reasonable price on Amazon- Solder, or wire nut a few wires and perfect. DC 12v Step up to 24v Converter...
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    October 2021 - what did you do for your camper

    Added solar to keep DC system charged.
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    Welcome- from another newbie to the group.
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    New to the forum- looking to learn.

    Thank you Steve (PopUpSteve) for accepting me to the group. Got a 2009 Fleetwood Flagstaff 206LTD about three years ago- enjoying the blessings of added comfort from on the ground tent camping. Looking forward to learning ideas to make it even better.