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    Testing the new PUP in Tropical Storm

    Orchid! Welcome back!!!! from Wendy(JeepMama)! I am happy to see you on the portal again. Stay safe in the storm. I hope the new pup survives and proves it's resilience to you.
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    1st time pop up owner/rehabber from southeast PA

    Hi - We are in Southern Chester County. Some of our favorite camping places are: Twin Grove RV Resort and Campground Pine Grove Furnace SP(PA) Elk Neck SP(MD) Gifford Pinchot SP(PA)
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    Jeeps Rule

    Jeep haters? What Jeep haters?
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    Changed my portal name

    I decided to change my portal name from JeepMama to Wendy... we still have our Jeep. I hope everyone is enjoying the summer camping season. I have not been camping as much this year because my husband and our boys are very busy with scouting. But we are looking forward to 10 days camping...
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    New Member Intro

    Welcome to the portal! I'm a scout Mom too, Den Leader for a kindergarten Lion Den. I have a webelos 1 and a tenderfoot. We were tent campers when the boys were very young, then we got a popup and now we have a TT. Family camping trips have been less frequent this season, because my older...
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    Off-Leash at the Campground

    To the Original Poster: Ive seen this topic "pop up" many times over the years here on the portal. Sadly, it can generate bad feelings among members. For your dog's safety and the safety of other dogs and humans, it is best to leash your dog as per campground rules.
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    Our First Pop Up!

    Congratulations, welcome to the portal, and have fun!
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    First time pop-up owners.

    Welcome to the portal Kristin and family! Have fun making those memories [:D]
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    2016 Maryland Rally

    It was wonderful to meet everyone. We enjoyed our first rally tremendously . Thanks to all the people who worked so hard to make it happen. Wendy, Peter, the boys
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    2016 Maryland Rally

    We are about to grill, we'll stop over a little bit later if that is okay ☺
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    2016 Maryland Rally

    We are here! Site #7. [:)C]
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    2016 Maryland Rally

    It's been a long while since we've been to that beach, but be warned, it is rocky. Water shoes are recommended.
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    Hello from PA!

    Welcome from Southern Chester County, PA :) Enjoy the new memories in your popup! What is your favorite campground in PA?
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    2016 Maryland Rally

    Thanks #75 ;) We should be there Thursday evening as well