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    Burning up brakes

    Curious, you were able to pull the trailer with the brakes applied and didn't notice?
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    Water Heater Tank - Relieve Pressure?

    Drain it after every trip, but I only camp 2-3 times a year. No reason to haul around 6 gallons if its not needed. Simply opening a faucet will release any pressure. Messing with the pressure relief valve will just cause leaks.
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    Do I need a weight distribution sway bars

    Ive always read that you can use WD on the Jayco popups and mine is a C channel. The sway bars make for a very stable tow. Ive always said that I think my Jeep is more stable towing than it is not towing after I added the sway control.
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    Control Box question

    Wild that its made in a way that will let you run all 3 at the same time...
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    Can we pull a Jayco 1207 with our Odyssey?

    Depends on where youre towing it. I would NOT tow it on long trips with lots of hills. Locally within an hour or so of home with mild terrain, it would most likely be ok. There are too many variables to simply say 'yes' or 'no'. Personally, I wouldnt recommend towing that close to the weight...
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    manual transmission popping out of gear

    Other than my DD, I don't even pay attention to the cost of repairing the vehicles I like. If you like the Jeep, just get it rebuilt and enjoy life. There isn't a modern replacement for those Liberty's.
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    Window Shade String Clip

    Finally found these by searching, Roman Shade Spring Loaded Cord Lock Toggle Adjuster... Should work ok.
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    Window Shade String Clip

    Anyone have a clue where to buy these or something like them? One of them broke during my last outing.
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    Can someone explain this?

    Our 2008 Jayco has that same gap and has a seal thats pretty much identical to what SteveP posted.
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    Any help with Jeep Grand Cherokee towing capacity??

    I think the 5.7 engine had the 7400lb towing capacity while the 3.6 engine has the 6200. From some quick reading on Jeep Forums, all 8 speed 3.6 GC's had the same transmission cooling regardless. Cant confirm that though. If the manual recommends a WD hitch, it would be a good idea to get one...
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    Setting trailer brakes

    It can take a good bit to get the trailer brakes adjusted, but its not magic. I tow many different trailers, one of which is a utility trailer so the weight is constantly changing. That can get a bit annoying. You do not want the trailer brakes to stop both the tow vehicle and the trailer...
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    Cruise Control or No Cruise Control

    I very rarely use cruise control. This area has a lot of hills which would cause too much shifting. If you tow where its flat and doesn't cause excessive shifting, it shouldn't hurt anything.
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    WDH on pop up

    If it has coils, you can measure the inside dimension of the coil and buy whatever size air bags from air lift. A friend of mine had an avalanche with the air ride and air lift did not show a kit for his truck... So we had to order custom bags and they worked perfect. The vehicle most like has...
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    WD hitch

    I normally get the bar pretty dang snug, but not quite as tight as I can get it. Ive yet to adjust the nut.
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    WD hitch

    Thats the problem, you cannot coat the sway bar in any sort of lube. That would be like spraying lube on the vehicles brakes and trying to stop. You can lightly coat the little balls that the bar sits on, but its really not needed. Im not sure if you can clean it well enough for it to work...